Shoulder Pain Testimonials

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Lorie Bruck

May 23, 2008

Compass Chiropractic has been a true delight for me.  From the great cleanliness of the office to the sincere greeting and care I receive when I am there I highly recommend you check it out if you have not already.

I went to Compass Chiropractic with severe headaches and shoulder pain.  Just after a couple of visits I started to notice the changes.  Now my shoulder pain is completely gone and my headaches are diminishing quickly.  My treatment was like no other that I had received at other Chiropractors over the years.  The unique ART treatment made such a difference for me.

For a great chiropractic experience visit Compass Chiropractic.

Adam Slorah
Residential Appraiser - Rally Appraisal

April 29, 2008

I had been having neck and shoulder pain for 2-3 years without any medical treatment.  This was affecting my sleep and my work.  Within 1-2 visits with Dr. Krohse my pain was subsiding and now 1-2 months into treatment I’m sleeping better than I have in years and my pain is gone.

I would recommend chiropractic treatment to anyone.  From minor aches and pains to severe pain, chiropractic treatment can alleviate your symptoms.

Anacortes, WA

I have gone to one other chiropractic clinic a few years back, but did not find I was being helped, so this process was quickly removed from my list. Around February of 2007, I started getting pain in my left shoulder, and went to my regular family doctor, who proceeded to put me on medication, basically to help with the pain. I have been playing racquetball for many years and have not had this problem until 2007.

David Krohse was recommended to me, and I started my treatments around June 22. He first explained how he would treat me. At this time I was not able to lift my left arm over my head. After the first treatment I did not feel much difference, however as we progressed through the next three or four sessions, I began to notice lots of improvement. He gave me a set of exercises, to help get more mobility in my shoulder, which it did.

The 20th of July was my last session, and I was able to get back to playing racquetball again. With my faith back in chiropractic medicine, at least through David Krohse, I would certainly recommend him to anyone.

Thank you David!

Ps. By the way I am 78 years young.

Mount Vernon, WA

Dr Krohse is a gentle chiropractor who listens to his patients. He was especially good with me, a nervous patient. I was concerned with being hurt by chiropractic care, as this had been a problem once before. However, Dr. Krohse was very gentle.

Burlington, WA

I cannot say “Thank You” often enough to Dr. David Krohse, nor truly convey to him how much I will miss him. He is the BEST!

I work in a very stressful position as an Escrow Closer causing my neck, shoulders and back to feel like a vise is attached. I met Dr. Krohse through a networking group (BNI) earlier this year. In July my pain and stiffness was at a point that I was unable to sleep and every tiny movement was excruciating. I spoke with Dr. Krohse and I began treatment. For the first time in years, after a few treatments, I am able to turn my head completely from side to side; walk without pain; and I cannot remember when the strength in my legs and arms has been better.

I am also subject to acid reflux and through his treatment, I am now able to eat foods that have been forbidden to me for a number of years.

I am so grateful that he was in practice in my community; and, wish him the most success with his new practice in your community. I envy you!

Molly McGraw
Bellingham, Washington

Dear Dr. Krohse,

As a senior-year elementary education student and now a fourth grade teacher I have had a lot of stress in my life. This stress seems to pile up in my lower neck and upper back and shoulders. At the time, I found the chiropractic treatments you gave me absolutely amazing at instantly reducing the tension in my lower neck and upper back. I have to admit though, I was frustrated at how quickly the problem tension would return.

I am so thankful you incorporated ART into your, “bag of tricks.” Since I have been getting both adjustments and ART, I find that my neck and upper back feel great for so much longer.

Now I hear that you are leaving the area. Though I'm definitely disappointed, I do wish the best for you. You'll have many patients who will greatly appreciate you in Iowa.

Thanks Again!

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