Professional Referrals

What can we expect if we refer a patient to Compass Chiropractic?

In a word, communication. After the initial examination is performed, a timely report will be sent to the referring doctor outlining the history, pertinent examination findings, and proposed treatment plan complete with beginning middle and end. Our office will work to keep lines of communication open for the greater good of our mutual patients.

What is the major difference between chiropractic and physical therapy? Why should I send a patient to see a chiropractor instead of a physical therapist?

The major treatment that sets the chiropractic physician apart from the physical therapist is the chiropractic adjustment or manipulation.

Passive stretching, exercise and massage alone are unable to achieve the effects of a skilled manipulation because they do not rapidly improve the function of dysfunctional spinal joints.

What are some of the benefits of chiropractic adjustments or manipulations to the spine?

By providing a joint increased movement, the chiropractic doctor allows the greatest stretching of the associated muscles and ligaments. This stretching provides for a better alignment of the healing tissue and a more functional spinal joint complex.

Neurologically, the greater movement a joint has, the smaller the transfer of pain impulses which produce spasm and pain. Hence, the manipulation can break the cycle of spasm and pain.

Below, are some of the effects of spinal adjustments/manipulation:
1. Increased range of motion
2. Decreased pain/analgesia
3. Reduction of spasm
4. Breaking down of scar tissue
5. Reduction of painful stimuli into the spinal cord
6. Breaking down of adhesions within the joint

What happens if we send a patient who is not a good candidate for chiropractic treatment?

If we find more serious concerns that need to be addressed medically, we will send the patient back to the referring doctor for medical treatment. However, a patient may not be a good candidate for hands-on chiropractic treatment but can be treated with other care options. Dr. David Krohse is one of just a few Active Release Techniques (ART) providers in Iowa, which has been especially effective at treating post-surgical scar tissue and many other chronic injuries where hands-on spinal manipulation may not be the best treatment. Other options at our office include low force instrument-assisted adjustments, gentle stretching, gentle joint mobilization, traction, exercise, postural correction and electric stimulation.

Once a patient is seen, do they need to keep coming back forever?

No. Most cases seen by doctors of chiropractic will respond in a relatively short period of time. In certain cases, longer treatment will be recommended, but on average it may take 12-20 visits. Once the original condition that caused the pain and discomfort has been resolved, it may still be necessary for patients to return from time to time for supportive care.

Our goal is to get the patient out of the office and returned to the activities they were doing prior to their injury as soon as safely possible. We incorporate active care into our treatment so that patients can maintain their improvement on their own by performing the correct therapeutic exercises and stretches.

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