Back Pain Testimonials

chiropractor in des moines
Calli Ott
Des Moines

April 5, 2009

As far as chiropractic care is concerned, I have transitioned from a skeptic to a firm believer. I was experiencing back pain with tingling and numbness in my back, as well as pain and numbness down the outside of my legs. I had lived with this for a number of years, and decided it would just be a way of life for me. It affected a number of daily activities including washing dishes, doing laundry, sitting, standing, and countless others. After treatment with Dr. Krohse, which included Active Release Technique, the pain, tingling and numbness have significantly subsided in my back, and completely gone away in my legs. I will certainly never live without chiropractic care again.

Marcus Mattox, 23
University of Idaho Hammer Thrower

June 12, 2008

  I came to the Des Moines area to compete in the NCAA Track and Field Championships.  Unfortunately, my degenerative disk disease was causing severe pain in the lower back.  I had heard good things about ART and Dr. Krohse was the only one in the area who specialized in it.  He was able to get me an appointment on short notice before my competition and it worked wonders. 

Not only did Dr. Krohse relieve the pain in my back and increase my mobility, he also performed ART on my knees and IT bands which I have struggled with as well over past years.  After the treatment I had more mobility in my knees back than I had felt in months.  I went on the next day to compete in the Championships and earned my first ever NCAA All-America honors.  (Marcus' throw was 5 feet further than his personal record -Dr. Krohse)

Anyone living in the area, or just in town for a visit that is experiencing back pain or any other chronic pains should schedule an appointment with Dr. Krohse.  I have received injections in my knees for three years and physical therapy on my back and nothing has helped either as much as the ART with Dr. Krohse. 

West Des Moines

January 6, 2009

I had been to chiropractors before with so-so results, but when my low-back pain landed me in urgent care, I decided to look again. (Muscle relaxers are not my idea of a solution.) As a cycling instructor and kickboxer, I don't like to sit still. I found Dr. Krohse from an online search. His testimonials sounded promising, and as an athlete himself, I thought he would understand my need to keep moving. After an extremely thorough exam, Dr. Krohse began to treat and greatly reduce my low-back pain. Not only that, but he also used the active release technique to decrease my migraines and knee pain. I'm back to kickboxing and teaching cycling class pain-free! I've recommended Dr. Krohse to many friends. He produces positive results, and he's a great guy.

Carl Stam
Absolute Concepts Inc - Clive (515) 282-2133

March 30, 2008

Dr. David Krohse,

I want you to know that I appreciate very much the outstanding results achieved within the short period of time since I've been a patient of yours.  I would like to share my positive experience with others who may also be suffering as I was. 

I came to see Dr. David Krohse specifically with hopes of getting some relief from a pinched nerve in my neck.  I had been experiencing numbness and tingling in my right arm, hand and fingers for several months.  After a few visits and discussions about some other existing symptoms (lower back, hip, knee and ankle pain), Dr. Krohse thought we should scan my feet.  Well, to my surprise we discovered that I have flat feet!  Dr. Krohse then went on to explain how I might benefit from custom orthotics.  I placed my order and within less than a week I was wearing my new custom orthotics.  

I have been wearing these now for about six weeks or so and my hip, knee and ankle pain is pretty much gone and my lower back pain has been significantly reduced.  I feel much better and I look forward to mowing the lawn, hiking the trails and playing golf, confident that I am not going to suffer the painful ramifications experienced in the past. Oh, the issue of numbness and tingling caused by the pinched nerve are now totally gone. Thank you Dr. Krohse.


Carl Stam - Absolute Concepts Inc - Clive (515) 282-2133

Mount Vernon, WA

 have had trouble with my lower back on and off for the last 30 years. During that time I have had 5 major back events. They are different from a bad ache, which goes away with rest and aspirin. They came unexpectedly with a slight movement and produced such blinding pain that you can't move in any direction. You feel as if your spinal cord is snapping in two. Before trying chiropractic care, I was extremely skeptical. I thought chiropractors were bordering on being quacks. Then 1 year ago when on vacation back east, my back went out. I immediately began to use ice and Ibuprofin. My friend called the chiropractor, who was a block away, and he said he could see me that afternoon, but I resisted. After getting progressively worse for 5 days, I relented and walked to the chiropractor's office because I couldn't sit in the car. He gave me adjustments for several days and I was able to fly home to my family though still in pain. I continued chiropractic care at Northwest Chiropractic Clinic, still never realizing how much easier my recovery would have been if I had started chiropractic care immediately.

Just recently my back “went out” again and I immediately went in to Dr. Krohse. I didn't want to wait because typically my condition would get worse for 3-5 days. This was my first experience receiving chiropractic care at the time of injury. I am still amazed at the results! There was dramatic improvement in 1 day! With no chiropractic care it took me 2-3 months to feel back to normal. With Dr. Krohse's care I felt better than normal in just under a week. Phenomenal! I can hardly believe I am the one saying how great chiropractic care is. After attending the short informational class at Northwest Chiropractic Clinic I understood the logic of it all; but nothing changes your opinion so fast as being relieved of excruciating pain.

I heartily recommend Dr. Krohse as a chiropractor to anyone considering chiropractic care.

Darin Gallagher
Sedro-Woolley, WA

My experience with Chiropractic care began after I felt a pain in my lower back while helping a friend move some furniture. It really seemed like no big deal at the time, however I was at the end of a 4-month Marathon training program and was about to attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon.
I was unsure about seeing a Chiropractor because I had heard “once you start going, you have to keep going.” So I put it off. One night while walking in the gym, still in pain, I told my wife that I was going to have to do something before the race. By coincidence, Dr. Krohse was set up at the gym that night offering free back exams. We met and I explained my situation. He ran me through a few strength tests and offered to see me the next day at his office for a more complete exam. We made the appointment, took some x-rays and started adjustments.

A few days before the Marathon, my injury became worse. I was in extreme pain and could barely walk. I gave up the idea of running this race, however, Dr. Krohse did not. He began seeing me twice a day and even opened the office on Thanksgiving and the day after to help me. I went to the Marathon, was able to jog around (which was a major improvement from just 3-days before), however decided not to run.

Afterwards I began seeing Dr. Krohse on a regular basis and continued to improve through his adjustments, and exercises that he strongly encouraged. I became stronger, the office visits grew further apart, and then ended altogether. Today, almost exactly one year later, I am again at the end of a 4-month training program. I am running better than ever and feel stronger than ever.

I would like to thank Dr. Krohse not only for helping me recover but also for his determination and attitude through the entire process. Dr. Krohse became part of my team and also a friend. Thank you David!

Burlington, WA

I cannot say “Thank You” often enough to Dr. David Krohse, nor truly convey to him how much I will miss him. He is the BEST!

I work in a very stressful position as an Escrow Closer causing my neck, shoulders and back to feel like a vise is attached. I met Dr. Krohse through a networking group (BNI) earlier this year. In July my pain and stiffness was at a point that I was unable to sleep and every tiny movement was excruciating. I spoke with Dr. Krohse and I began treatment. For the first time in years, after a few treatments, I am able to turn my head completely from side to side; walk without pain; and I cannot remember when the strength in my legs and arms has been better.

I am also subject to acid reflux and through his treatment, I am now able to eat foods that have been forbidden to me for a number of years.

I am so grateful that he was in practice in my community; and, wish him the most success with his new practice in your community. I envy you!

Mount Vernon, WA

I had a serious motorcycle accident about 7 years ago. I had some major upper body injuries. The doctors were focused on reconstructing my wrist above all. Later as my physical therapy was progressing, I started having pain in my mid-back region. I thought that I might have had a stress fracture in my back that had been overlooked due to the severity of my other injuries. Over the years I had grown used to ignoring the pain and stiffness. I love to ride bicycles as well as motorcycles. I started coming home from my bicycle rides with a very stiff back and barely being able to twist my torso. The pain in my back was starting to affect my ability to ride. That was the final straw. I had heard of Dr. Krohse through the bike club, that we were both members of. I decided to have Dr. Krohse check out my back. Dr. Krohse went over several tests for flexibility, strength and alignment as well as an x-ray of my back. To my relief, I did not have a stress fracture of the spine. The muscles in my back had built up a solid knot due to my spine being out of alignment for so long. Dr. Krohse came up with a treatment strategy to put my back on the path to wellness. At first, my back did not want to move. As the treatments progressed I could feel my back growing more flexible. I found myself walking more upright. I could ride my bike longer without my back getting stiff. To my amazement after about 3 months of treatment, my back was feeling better than it had in years.

If you have had an injury in the distant past or the not so distant past, I'd suggest that you have Dr. Krohse check it out. Who knows, maybe the pain you've learned to live with is totally unnecessary. I'd still be moaning and groaning after my rides if I hadn't stopped in, but now I can ride as long as I want without the pain and stiffness. Thank you Dr. Krohse!!!

Dian and Steve Jahn
Anacortes, WA

I met David Krohse on a bicycle ride on Orcas Island on what turned out to be a very cold and eventually very wet spring day. David and my husband and I struck up a friendship and after our next meeting I set up an appointment to see David professionally.

It had been nearly 30 years since I was injured from a bicycle accident. I had been experiencing discomfort in my lower back and a limited range of movement of my neck. I set up an appointment, and after x-rays and examination, David set me up with a series of appointments designed to relieve these symptoms.
The appointments were fairly brief and happily pain free…and I enjoyed always a pleasant conversation with David. In a short time I was experiencing less discomfort and free movement of my neck, so I feel the treatments were worth every bit of time and money.

My biggest surprise came after my first or second visit. I had a breakthrough at my Yoga class…I was able to hold a balance position that had been difficult for me, and soon after was able to do the “bird” pose, which at age 60, I did not expect to achieve!

If someone is considering chiropractic care with Dr. Krohse, I would encourage them to do so without hesitation! David is both a compassionate and skilled diagnostician/practitioner.

Sedro Woolley, WA

Firstly let me say I am a disabled health care worker. I suffer from severe osteoarthritis, with numerous joint replacements and repairs. I have never really had confidence in chiropractors, as I come form the school of traditional medicine. Traditional medicine says, “Cover up the problem.” Approximately a year or so ago, my chronic back “went out” as usual. This has been going on for years, as I inherited degenerative joint disease from my father. I also have scar tissue in my back from a double laminectomy in 1986. Traditional medicine says, “Take pain pills, and hide the problem.” Anyway, I decided to go to the chiropractor, and see if he could give me relief. The regular chiropractor was on vacation, and I met David Krohse. Well, I was really unsure of this guy, but I also needed relief. David's treatment was professional, and when the regular chiropractor came back from vacation, I stuck with David. He used manipulations, and some special treatment on my back. I haven't had a problem with my back “going out” since and that was a while ago. I remain as active as I can to stay mobile, so I push this bad back to the limit at times, and it is still relatively pain free.

I highly recommend David Krohse, and am sorry to see him go, but he must pursue his career. The reader of this testimonial would do well to give David Krohse a chance to administer their chiropractic needs, as per my experience with him, he is professional, and caring in the administering of chiropractic.

Audrey Mellott
Mount Vernon, WA

I took a fall while hiking and two fingers on my left hand went numb. I also had back pain because of the jarring. Dr. Krohse solved both of the problems. The conversation was good also. I highly recommend the services he can provide.

Charlotte Faust
Arlington, WA

At age 70, I was losing the range of motion in my neck due to arthritis; suffered frequently from lower back pain; and experienced sore spots in my upper back, shoulder and neck muscles due to stress. Thanks to Dr. David Krohse's excellent chiropractic treatments, I am now relatively pain free. I have chosen monthly maintenance treatments as this seems to keep my body in better working condition.

Through manipulation of my neck, I now have 2 to 3 times the range of motion in my neck. Spinal adjustment keeps my lower back relatively pain free. Vibration massage of my upper back releases the stress and thus eliminates the pain in my shoulder and neck muscles.

Dr. Krohse is not only a very capable chiropractor, but very friendly and caring which makes your chiropractic care a pleasant experience. I recommend him for anyone needing help to maintain a quality lifestyle.

Thank you Dr. Krohse and best wishes in your new location.

Christy Carrozzo
Stanwood, WA

Twenty-three years ago I was having periods of dizziness. My family doctor had me undergo a CAT scan, sent me to an ear, nose and throat doctor and even a psychologist! He was hoping they could find the reason for my problem. Since they weren't able to give me an answer, my father-in-law suggested I go see his chiropractor thinking, maybe he could find something. Sure enough! I discovered that my spine was out of alignment, and that one of my vertebra was causing me to experience the dizziness. I truly was so thankful to have an answer. After a series of adjustments my problem was gone. Chiropractic care has really changed my life. I consider it as important as my yearly medical exam, dental care etc.

Dr. Krohse was a joy to meet and be treated by. I loved his smiley face and friendly nature. He was always very gentle with my adjustments. I always felt at ease with his care! He always listened to me and truly was interested in me as a person, not just a patient. He was very knowledgeable and was the only chiropractor I've gone to that has ever recommended orthotics for my walking shoes. They have really helped with back and knee pain. I will miss him, but send him to Iowa with my thanks and well wishes knowing there are some lucky people waiting to be his new patients.

Mount Vernon, WA

My entire chiropractic experience involved only one other chiropractor (after having injured my neck in a fall). It involved about six weeks of adjustments (after 6 or 8 weeks of physical therapy). There were at least 2 occasions where my neck was wrenched, once that involved pain afterwards! My last encounter there was with a LMT, which made for a pleasant end to that office visit. I had an unusual (for me) but common lower back strain and knowing of Dr. Krohse, through my husband's business, went to see him. He provided personal, professional care for me and after two visits I felt relief and also along with his exercises, improved my overall back pain issues!

Regardless of you past chiropractic “issues” or even non-issues, I would tell anyone considering Dr. Krohse to rest assured you will be getting a reliable, responsible medical professional, caring for you and your back.

Mount Vernon, WA

When I first went to see Dr. Krohse, my back and hip were painful. After two or three treatments, my back wasn't hurting at all and it stayed pain free. My hip eased up a lot and I could go days without it being painful. My medical Dr. wanted to do surgery on my hip, but I decided to try Chiropractic first. I am very glad I did. Thanks to Dr. Krohse, I feel human again.

Try Chiropractic care before going under the knife.

Burlington, WA

Chiropractic care is a “tool” I've used over the years to reduce the pain in my neck, lower back and right hip. Prescribed adjustments, massages and physical therapy have also helped me with good results.

David Krohse treated my neck and hip pain. He was thorough in recording my past and current conditions. He was a good listener, personable and I never felt rushed during appointments.

The solution for my hip pain was the Foot Leveler Orthotics offered through his office. A computer-generated footprint was taken of both my feet. This image determined the correct support needed to keep my feet, ankles, knees, hips and back in line. The burning hip pain disappeared as soon as I started wearing them, and has not returned. The product easily moves to different styled shoes, so I can wear them all the time.

Being free of pain has been a blessing and has improved the quality of my life. I can take long walks, work in my yard and on my house without experiencing severe pain.

David and his partner at Northwest Chiropractic Clinic in Mount Vernon, Washington, offered health classes to their patients. They were well presented and of help to me. I hope he will continue to educate his patients when he relocates.

If you are seeking a gentle and caring chiropractor who gets results, I recommend Dr. David Krohse.

Molly McGraw
Bellingham, Washington

Dear Dr. Krohse,

As a senior-year elementary education student and now a fourth grade teacher I have had a lot of stress in my life. This stress seems to pile up in my lower neck and upper back and shoulders. At the time, I found the chiropractic treatments you gave me absolutely amazing at instantly reducing the tension in my lower neck and upper back. I have to admit though, I was frustrated at how quickly the problem tension would return.

I am so thankful you incorporated ART into your, “bag of tricks.” Since I have been getting both adjustments and ART, I find that my neck and upper back feel great for so much longer.

Now I hear that you are leaving the area. Though I'm definitely disappointed, I do wish the best for you. You'll have many patients who will greatly appreciate you in Iowa.

Thanks Again!

Mount Vernon, WA

Dr Krohse is a gentle chiropractor who listens to his patients. He was especially good with me, a nervous patient. I was concerned with being hurt by chiropractic care, as this had been a problem once before. However, Dr. Krohse was very gentle.

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