For your benefit and convenience, a variety of premium health-related products are available at Compass Chiropractic to relieve pain and stabilize conditions. To be considered for sale at Compass Chiropractic, a product must have proven that it measures up to the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. In addition most of the products have been used by Dr. David Krohse and the staff of Compass Chiropractic for their healthcare needs with success. If you think a product might help you or your family, ask Dr. Krohse about it at your next scheduled visit or schedule a free consultation if you are not yet a patient.

Custom Orthotics - Compass Chiropractic carries custom orthotics produced by Foot Levelers, the world's number one maker of semi-flexible custom orthotics. Foot Levelers uses a unique system of digital analysis to examine the arches of the feet. Their goal when creating orthotics is not just to solve problems in the feet, but also to reduce stress on all the joints above the feet. As a result of that focus, many patients experience chronic conditions in their knees, hips, and low back resolve and stabilize very soon after they start wearing Foot Levelers custom orthotics. Best of all, the orthotics are guaranteed to meet your expectations and are often covered by the health insurance you've already paid for.

Therapeutic Pillows - Do you frequently wake up with headaches, neck pain, and neck stiffness? Have you recently been in an auto accident or other whiplash-type injury. Compass Chiropractic carries premium therapeutic neck-supporting pillows just for you.  Your pillow will be appropriately sized to provide optimal support for your neck when sleeping on your side or your back. Front sleepers often report that these custom-fitted pillows feel so perfect they are finally able to switch to the less stressful back or side-sleeping positions.

Des Moines Buckwheat & Millet Pillows

We are thrilled to now provide Des Moines with Buckwheat & Millet Pillows by Serenity Pillows.  Dreams come swiftly when you are resting on these organic pillows.  We plan to stock the Priya millet pillow which is geared toward people who sleep on their sides and back.  We'll also stock the Rejuvenation Pillows which are geared to side sleepers and have them available in Millet and Buckwheat.  Learn more at Serenity's website or stop by our office to feel these unique, pain-decreasing pillows.

Supports, Braces, and Therapeutic Devices - Compass Chiropractic is known as an office that provides both rapid pain relief and long-term stabilization and wellness. Supports and braces can be essential for reducing stress so that an injury can heal quickly and be pain-free as soon as possible. Stabilizing therapeutic devices enable patients to perform specific exercises recommended by Dr. David Krohse so that they can stay injury free for the long-term.

Standard Process Nutrition - Compass Chiropractic carries nutritional supplements to address a number of conditions related to nutritional deficiencies. Standard Process makes whole food supplements from crops grown organically on their farms in Wisconsin's rich fertile soil. In their unique manufacturing facility, Standard Process continues the tradition of producing nutritional supplements which provide vitamin and mineral complexes, trace minerals and enzymes.

Cryoderm - When it comes to natural, drug-free pain relief that you can take anywhere, it doesn't get better than this. Cryoderm is a professional strength topical pain reliever with an action similar to Icy Hot or Ben-Gay. Patients rave about its effectiveness and long-lasting nature. Active families often keep a bottle in each vehicle's glovebox.

Ecoquest - For anyone interested in a cleaner, fresher-smelling home or business environment Compass Chiropractic proudly offers premium air purification by Ecoquest. When it comes to exceeding expectations this technology driven line of purification products always outperforms. Owners often report numerous health benefits after beginning to use these products.

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