Leg Pain

Nerves exiting the spine from the lower back extend down the legs carrying sensation and muscle control messages. If the low back is injured or irritated those nerves can be affected as well, causing pain, numbness, and tingling as well as muscle symptoms such as weakness or spasms. Generally, pain down the leg which has its source in the low back is called sciatica.

The joints and muscles in the legs can also become injured or irritated by trauma or overuse. Common conditions include hip pain, knee pain, ankle instability, and shin splints.

Dr. David Krohse is prepared to effectively treat your leg pain after determining whether it’s source is in the low back or in the joints and muscles of the legs through a thorough examination. For leg pain coming from the low back, Dr. Krohse will address any problem joints with specific adjustments. He has invested in special equipment to be able to provide flexion distraction adjustments of the low back, which have proven to be very effective at reducing sciatica. Additionally any problem soft tissues will be addressed with ART and other forms of therapy will be used as indicated.

Leg pain coming from the joints and muscles of the leg will be addressed with adjustments and ART as indicated. In situations of a sports trauma, electric stimulation or ultrasound may be used to speed up the healing process.

Additionally, many ongoing leg conditions are at least partially caused by dysfunction in the arches of the feet. Dr. Krohse will recommend a digital foot scan to find out if your condition is partially or wholly caused by dysfunctional foot arches. If the arches are a cause of the problem, he will recommend appropriate changes in footwear as well as off-the-shelf or custom orthotics.

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