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Des Moines Chiropractor Dr David Krohse

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Dr. David Krohse (rhymes with cozy) has a five-star reputation for solving stubborn issues in a personable and professional manner!

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Rapid Results & Lasting Solutions

You deserve rapid results and lasting solutions achieved through care thoroughly explained and kept within your comfort level. 

Top Conditions Treated

We feel most confident to provide quick results and permanent solutions for back painneck painheadacheswhiplashshoulder paincarpal tunnel syndromehip pain, and sciatica to Des Moines chiropractic patients. Additionally, we often fix a number of other arm and leg conditions.

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After a thorough exam, we provide each patient with a personalized plan to fix their problem.

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Mystery Pain or Symptoms

Go to many Des Moines doctors when you have spine, arm, or leg symptoms and you'll walk out with a recommendation to take some medicine and more questions than answers. The most important question is rarely answered:


At Compass Chiropractic we understand how frustrating it is to not understand the cause of the problem. We start with the most thorough exam and generally take X-Rays including a Motion Study so we can see the exact cause. Then we set aside time to explain it in a way you can understand! We know we're doing it right when patients breathe a sigh of relief and say,


We take your problems


It can be hard to get a doctor to take your problem seriously!

At Compass Chiropractic we say, "If your problem is serious enough to bring you in, our responsibility is to treat it like a crisis."

We understand how important it is to get people out of pain quickly...

But we also understand that even milder pain and periodic flareups can keep you from doing or enjoying important activities like work, exercise, vacations, and time with your family and friends. 

At your initial workup, we'll be asking what YOUR GOALS are and make them our top priority!

We'll start with a thorough exam and any needed imaging and then recommend the plan to reach your goals as quickly as possible!

Comprehensive care for

stubborn problems

Though we love helping people get out of crisis-level pain and periodic flare-ups, we find it most rewarding when we are able to fix or greatly reduce ongoing pain and problems.

We find that stubborn, ongoing problems require a more comprehensive plan of action.

A thorough initial workup guides us on what combination of chiropractic care, specific stretches and exercises, physiotherapy modalities, guaranteed custom orthotics, and Active Release Techniques muscle work are needed to fix your problem.

We explain the plan we are most confident in to quickly and completely correct your stubborn, ongoing problem.

Once you understand the problem and the plan, you get to decide if you want to get started.

Common symptoms we help

Rapid, Lasting solutions for des Moines chiropractic patients

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