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Josh Maxwell
Waukee Head Boys’ Cross Country Coach

July 30, 2009

I went to Dr. Krohse when I saw that he performs ART, after I had read about ART. I thought that treatment might help me. I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis since 2004. I am a former collegiate distance runner and try to still enjoy running. It is hard to enjoy the great sport of running when you have something hurting you each step.  I had tried acupuncture, physical therapy, shoe inserts, and cortisone shots.  So, you could say I’ve tried about everything to get healthy.

Dr. Krohse did a thorough job of evaluating my posture and my feet.  After each treatment, I felt my feet getting better.  After two weeks of treatment, I was running pain free for the first time in 5 years.  I know at times the scar tissue will build up and it will be painful but I know Dr. Krohse will be able to use his techniques with ART to get me back running.  I would recommend ART to my athletes that I train and to any athlete who has pain that would benefit from this treatment.  

Marcus Mattox, 23
University of Idaho Hammer Thrower

June 12, 2008

I came to the Des Moines area to compete in the NCAA Track and Field Championships.  Unfortunately, my degenerative disk disease was causing severe pain in the lower back.  I had heard good things about ART and Dr. Krohse was the only one in the area who specialized in it.  He was able to get me an appointment on short notice before my competition and it worked wonders. 

Not only did Dr. Krohse relieve the pain in my back and increase my mobility, he also performed ART on my knees and IT bands which I have struggled with as well over past years.  After the treatment I had more mobility in my knees back than I had felt in months.  I went on the next day to compete in the Championships and earned my first ever NCAA All-America honors.  (Marcus' throw was 5 feet further than his personal record -Dr. Krohse)

Anyone living in the area, or just in town for a visit that is experiencing back pain or any other chronic pains should schedule an appointment with Dr. Krohse.  I have received injections in my knees for three years and physical therapy on my back and nothing has helped either as much as the ART with Dr. Krohse. 

L. Walters

July 11, 2009

Hi Dr. Krohse,
I just want you to know that my knee is 85% better since my last visit. I stretch every morning before I get up and do some of the massages that you did on my knee when if gets tired. I can walk, bend and climb up and down steps and hills, even very steep ones, without pain. Thank you so much from saving me from having surgery!
With warmest regards,
L. Walters
Calli Ott
Des Moines

April 5, 2009

As far as chiropractic care is concerned, I have transitioned from a skeptic to a firm believer. I was experiencing back pain with tingling and numbness in my back, as well as pain and numbness down the outside of my legs. I had lived with this for a number of years, and decided it would just be a way of life for me. It affected a number of daily activities including washing dishes, doing laundry, sitting, standing, and countless others. After treatment with Dr. Krohse, which included Active Release Technique, the pain, tingling and numbness have significantly subsided in my back, and completely gone away in my legs. I will certainly never live without chiropractic care again.

Mark Ohnemus

October 31, 2008

I came in for what I thought was a chronic hamstring pain that I could not get to go away.  From November of 2007 until October 1st the level of pain was getting to be so high that I was ready to give up my only real hobby – running.  Then I meet Dr. David after a running event.  He uses a couple of terms describing my condition and believes he can help.  It seems like a futile effort but low and behold within only a couple of sessions the problem was going away!  While visiting him I also mentioned my sore knees.  With therapy and alignment that too has also dissipated.  Can I believe it?  Hardly not, but I have to; the pain is gone within one month!  Unbelievable - thanks a bunch!

(To someone considering trying care with Dr. Krohse, I’d say) What are you going to lose?  Money, time.  If he can help your body do what it’s supposed to do, let me ask you why wouldn’t you see him, unless you like pain.

Sheila Lacy
Des Moines
September 25, 2008

I had the privilege of being invited to a BNI (Business Networking International) West-End Chapter meeting where I first met Dr. David Krohse. Dr. Krohse gave a presentation on ART (Active Release Technique) for knees. Now I must tell you I was not a big fan of going to a doctor for any medical conditions. I tell you this so you will understand the depth of pain I experienced from a high school basketball injury in 1988. The only remedy I was aware of at the time was surgery. Since I knew I would not play basketball again, I did not force the issue. Thus I went for the next 20 years in knee pain. The pain continued to get worse. It became difficult for me to run and to exercise.

Now you understand why I was so intrigued with Dr. Krohse when he said he could perform ART without surgery. I did not believe he could help. I went in a skeptic and came out a believer. I am proud to say Dr. Krohse not only helped to alleviate the pain in my knee, he also gave me a new found respect for Chiropractors. After all he was the first Chiropractor I had the privilege of meeting. Dr. Krohse made a great first and lasting impression on me and my knees.
Thank you for all the work you do.

Sheila Lacy

Indiana Wesleyan Cross Country/Track Athlete

July 25, 2008

I have been having problems with shin splints since summer, 2007.  I run cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track for my college and they had tried electric stim, ultrasound, ice, and many other things that didn't really help.  I took some time off and started running again at the start of summer, 2008.  I could still feel some pain when I ran.  David suggested the Active Release treatment he offers and after my first visit I felt the difference.  I have been getting it done once a week and it seems to be working!

(Dr. Krohse) explains everything very well and in my experience chiropractic work has really helped me.

Lorie Bruck

May 23, 2008

Compass Chiropractic has been a true delight for me.  From the great cleanliness of the office to the sincere greeting and care I receive when I am there I highly recommend you check it out if you have not already.

I went to Compass Chiropractic with severe headaches and shoulder pain.  Just after a couple of visits I started to notice the changes.  Now my shoulder pain is completely gone and my headaches are diminishing quickly.  My treatment was like no other that I had received at other Chiropractors over the years.  The unique ART treatment made such a difference for me.

For a great chiropractic experience visit Compass Chiropractic.

Todd Sanftner

June 1, 2008

I am 33 years old and recently had a new baby.  My wife went out of town for a long weekend and I was taking care of our son by myself.  The only way you could get him to stop crying was walking with him.  After 3 days of walking with him on my hardwood floors barefoot I developed a severe heel pain.  My doctor diagnosed this as plantar fasciitis and recommended some home treatments.  After 2 years of learning to live with the pain, I went to see Dr. Krohse, and after 6 weeks of treatment I am happy to say the pain has almost disappeared.  Dr. Krohse used the ART technique and custom fit me with orthotics and the results have been great!

Dr. Krohse is professional and knowledgeable about chiropractic care.  His office is organized, clean, and well run and I felt comfortable having him as my doctor.

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