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New Patient Workup


I want to hear what you've been dealing with, when and how it started, what you've tried so far, and how it's affecting your life.

I especially want to the know the most important things the problem is keeping you from doing or enjoying, so that we can prioritize getting you back to those ASAP!


I'll check spine and involved arm and/or leg ranges of motion. Then I'll assess function and tenderness of the 26 spinal column bones. Finally, I'll test the function of key muscles in the arms and legs.


Based on what we find on the exam, any needed digital X-Ray images can be taken at our office. 

A motion study can be performed to determine how the bones in the spine are actually moving and working. This can give us amazing clarity on the true causes of pain and dysfunction

Foot & Running Checks

Digital foot scan can be performed if we suspect arch function could be involved in the symptoms.

Slow-motion video running form analysis can be performed for runners.

Findings, Recommendations, & First Treatment

We'll set aside time to share what we found during the workup. Once you understand the cause of symptoms, we'll be able to share our best recommendations to get you out of pain and back to doing the activities you need and love to do!

All the time people say, "What I've been feeling finally makes sense! Why didn't anyone else explain this to me?" when we share our findings.

Your first recommended treatment is included with this special, limited-time offer!

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