Sports Optimization and Rehabilitation

Compass Chiropractic is prepared to guide Des Moines area athletes to their full potential. Dr. David Krohse has worked previously with athletes at both high school and collegiate levels as well as participants of endurance sports. The key to quickly healing athletic injuries is to completely understand the problem through a thorough examination. One of the hallmarks of Dr. Krohse's examination is testing the function of over 60 muscles in the arms and legs, which helps localize the exact injured tissues as well as underlying factors that may have made the athlete more likely to become injured. Dr. Krohse has a full range of therapies to address the pain, swelling, and disability resulting from athletic injuries and return the athlete to their passion as soon as possible.  Spinal adjustments and extremity adjustments will restore normal function to injured and dysfunctional joints.  Active Release Techniques has been shown to be especially effective at rapidly returning athletes to their full potential. Specific rehabilitative stretches and exercises will be prescribed to stabilize athletes and keep them on the field, court, or track and out of our clinic.

Dr. Krohse highly recommends a Sports Functional Exam for all Des Moines area elite and recreational athletes serious about performing optimally and avoiding injury. While a typical sports physical rules out life-threatening conditions in athletes, this thorough examination insures that all critical components of optimum performance and stability are functioning properly. Spinal health and nervous system function will be checked. The function of over 60 muscles in the arms and legs will be checked. Flexibility of major sport-specific muscles will be checked. Ankles will be checked for stability.  Foot arches will be checked for problems and ideal shoe type will be recommended.

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