SheriChiropractic and Rehab Assistant, Wellness Programs Manager

Background: Some of you already know me from working at Compass previously, and after a whirlwind challenging two years, as luck would be on my side, I have returned.  Words cannot express how incredibly thankful & appreciative I am to be working here again!  I grew up in Western Iowa in a tiny/village called Tennant.  One of those towns that if you blinked when driving by you would parents still live there.  Most of my working career has been in Retail Management, with my favorite being Store Manager of a record store.  Yes, "back in the day", there were real stores that sold only music related items!  (Like 25 plus years ago)  And I just dated myself, didn't I?  Lots of fun, sometimes too much fun.  I've spent most of my life intrigued & dabbling in alternative health, nutrition, & healing methods.  Which is what led me to get my BS in Health Science/Nutrition, this job, & now getting a Health/Life Coach certification with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  I sell Avon on the side, make jewelry, work part time for Van Wijk Winery & looking into dog walking/sitting with  I live with my BFF, who is an 8 year old chocolate lab named Rileigh, who is more spoiled than anyone I know.  But she is my baby!! I just took in a second dog about a month ago named Hachi.  He is a charcoal lab that is 10 months old and becoming just as spoiled!  They love each other and have some sibling fun together!

Favorite aspect of working at Compass Chiropractic:  Well that's easy.  Our patients are definitely my favorite!  I missed you all in my hiatus away. You are some of the nicest, most loyal patients I have seen!  And believe me,  I was in some scary patient situations the past couple of years.  I also cannot leave out Dr. Krohse, always full of a wealth of great information & genuinely cares about the health & well being of his patients & staff.  The best boss I have ever worked for hands down.

What I enjoy outside of work:  Over the past six years I have become a huge Nascar fan.  Spending my Sundays watching the race.  Have made the trip to Chicago two years in a row now for the first race in the chase & planning to add a second race next year.  I also love walking with my dogs, riding my bike exploring Iowa trails, music, movies, jewelry making & other crafty ideas.

How I give back to my community:  I have a great nephew with autism, so I join the Autism Walk every year with my family raising money & awareness.  I also am in process of joining the awesome volunteers of AHeinz57 pet rescue & transport.

Words to live by:  Be with those that bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.

Favorite local restaurant:  I have multiple fave restaurants as I love food & eating!  And sometimes my faves will change as I try new places.  So I will just throw a few out there that are my go to right now.   Wasabi Chi for sushi, Coach for pizza, Nut Pob for pad thai, Taco Hangover for tacos & margs, & Cozy Cafe for breakfast.

Something most patients don't know about me:  I still donate a dollar or more almost every time I check out at Petsmart, which is quite a lot with my spoiled pups.


SandyBilling & Back Office Manager

Background:   It's great to be working again!  I retired from the corporate world 12 years ago where I spent many years focused on developing and overseeing areas that provided high quality, timely customer service for life insurance and annuity policyowners and agents.  I'm one of those people who yearned to spend more time enjoying my children as they were growing up and had an epiphany one day whereby I decided it was time to quit thinking about it and in fact, do it!   My years of not working also allowed me to have the time to spend as caregiver and advocate for my widowed mom, her gravely ill sister and most recently my 94-year-old uncle.  At times, my life resembles chapters out of the book Tuesdays with Morrie.  My husband of 35 years and I recently became empty nesters and, as I pondered getting back into the workplace, I knew I wanted to work in an environment and for a cause that I feel passionately about:  chiropractic care.  Years of being the soccer mom, girl scout leader and carpool queen, left me with significant right leg pain and sciatica from driving, driving and more driving.  Several years ago, I became tired of masking the painful symptoms with medicines and went in search of explanations for the cause of my pain and solutions for feeling better on a consistent basis.  Chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic exercises have worked wonders for me.

Favorite aspects of working at Compass Chiropractic:  I believe in the work that Dr. Krohse does and I like his mission statement and philosophy for assessing and treating patients.  I spend most of my time working behind the scenes on insurance, accounting and billing-related issues, which I love.  With a business major in finance and insurance, I know that many people don't necessarily understand their insurance and I enjoy the challenge of ensuring that patients receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

What I enjoy outside of work:  Quilting, gardening, Sudoku, reading and vacationing with my family.

How I give back to the community:  I've spent the past 15 years of my life heavily involved in the WDM School system as a volunteer and frequent chaperone while supporting and promoting fine arts and music education.

Words to live by:  I have a favorite Plato quote:  " the years go by, time will change and even reverse many of your present opinions. Refrain, therefore, awhile from setting yourself up as judge of the highest matters."     And I dearly love the poem "The Station" by Robert J. Hastings.

Favorite local restaurant:  Fleming's for a fancy night out, Tasty Tacos for something quick, yummy and local and Fuel for a refreshing dish of yogurt.

Something most patients don’t know about me:  During my 12 year hiatus from working, I literally created my own bucket list and have slowly, but surely, been crossing things off.  But.....I keep adding to it too!   Scariest thing still on the list?  Doing a tandem parachute jump from an airplane.

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