Family Chiropractic Care

Compass Chiropractic is prepared to restore your family members to health or guide them in a lifetime of wellness. Dr. Krohse provided the benefits of chiropractic care to patients throughout the span of life while practicing previously at Northwest Chiropractic and Sports Injury Rehabilitation in Mount Vernon, WA. “One of my most memorable cases was a patient who put up with headaches severe enough to need prescription medication multiple days each week for her entire adult life.

At the age of 72 she was in a car accident which resulted in her headaches shooting up to daily frequency. Medications weren't stopping them. After a significant amount of convincing by a family member, she showed up at our clinic to give chiropractic a try for the first time in her life. At her two-month reevaluation, she reported that she hadn't experienced a headache in more than two weeks; her headache condition was the best it had been since she could remember! It was so rewarding to make such a positive change in such a vibrant person.” Experienced in both hands-on and Activator instrument-assisted adjusting, Dr. Krohse is able to provide safe, comfortable, and effective care for patients of any age, shape, or size.

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