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As your Des Moines sports chiropractic and Active Release Techniques provider, we are thrilled to provide injury, performance, and wellness care for many of the community's athletes.  Through Team Compass Chiropractic we support local elite athletes from a variety of sports in their goal of performing at the highest level.

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Athlete: Joseph Aulwes

Sport: Distance Running

Affiliation: Runablaze Iowa

Day Job: Web Developer

As a computer geek and a competitive runner, I sit in front of a computer for hours at a time and things tighten up after a run and get out of balance. Dr. Krohse helps me focus on preventative exercises, regular ART treatments to make sure muscles are working properly and chiropractic care to help lower back discomfort. I recommend Compass Chiropractic to my family, friends and anyone who is looking for a more well-rounded approach to chiropractic care.

Athlete: Steve Cannon

Sport: Ultra-Running

Other Sponsors

Day Job: Commercial Realtor

On May 27, 2012 I will begin ” The Run to Cure Cancer”.  It is my plan to become the first person to ever run around the World’s 6th largest lake. The journey will cover  1037 miles, 4 States and I'll  cover the distance in 40 days. 40 Marathons in 40 consecutive days to honor and raise money for those who have won, lost and continue to fight this disease. Our Goal is $250,000.

I invite you to participate in any way you are inspired to. Send out emails, come and run, donate, BUY a MILE or a DAY of  The Run (see website), whatever moves you. See you in Chicago for the kickoff party, the run, the finish…maybe all of them. 

A special thank you to Dr. Krohse and the Compass Chiropractic Team for their support and literally keeping me on my feet. Livestrong and say a big thanks everyday for your health and the health of all those you love!!

Des Moines Sports ChiropracticAthlete: Louis DeWild, M.D.

Sport: Triathlon & Mountain Biking

Other Sponsors: Rasmussen Bike ShopFitness Sports

Day Job: Anesthesiologist

As an avid triathlete, cyclist, and runner who likes to compete, I had sought out a practitioner to help me with my poor flexibility.  I had even considered going to a clinic in Phoenix that specializes in flexibility.  Then I heard about Dr. Krohse and his ART therapy.  I am very happy with how he has helped me with my neck and upper back flexibility.  This is critical when riding in the aero position--just in time for my first Ironman in June.  Thanks Dr. Krohse.

Athlete: Jason Flogel

Sport: Distance Running

Achievements: 63rd place at the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials, 2:18 marathon PR

Team: Runablaze

I am a software developer and competitive marathoner. I’ve been a runner for 17 years with the past 7 years more focused on marathons. I’ve competed in 11 marathons including the US Olympic Trials in 2012. My focus for this year is to improve my personal records and to stay healthy.

From a running perspective, the last couple years have been very trying. I’ve had a handful of injuries that have forced me to sit out months at a time and only workout in the pool. I decided to visit Dr. Krohse as I was working through an Achilles injury. He had reached out to me at a road race a month earlier and mentioned that he believed he could get me healthy again. Previously, I did not have any prior chiropractic care and didn’t know if it would help.

On my initial visit, he evaluated my posture, flexibility, and muscle tension as well as reviewed some of the issues that I’ve been having in previous years. Within the first two weeks of treatment, he helped me create a routine for improving my flexibility and posture that I could do at home. He also provided me with some tips on improving my running form to decrease the stress that I put on my legs.

Overall, I’m very happy with the treatment from Dr. Krohse. I would definitely recommend him to other injury prone runners as well as co-workers.

Des Moines Sports ChiropracticAthlete: Jed Gammell

Sport: Mountain Biking

Other Sponsors/Affiliations: Gary Fisher 29er Crew

Day Job: Insurance Nerd

As a busy professional, father, & competitive cyclist who wants to stay healthy, I've always made chiropractic care part of my regular fitness regime.   Dr. Krohse helps me focus on prevention & peak performance with regular ART & chiropractic care.  I recommend Compass Chiropractic to everyone that wants to be healthier, feel better, and perform at their best.

Des Moines Sports ChiropracticAthlete: Cam Kirkpatrick

Sport: Mountain Biking

Other Sponsors/Affiliations: Rasmussen Bike ShopOrbeaOakley

Day Job: Senior Civil/Structural Engineer for Chicago Bridge & Iron, Inc.

I’ve been racing mountain bikes for the past 12 years, and over the past 6 or 7 years I began to notice a gradual increase in lower back discomfort that eventually transitioned into sometimes unbearable pain. I would finish a race, dismount my bike and it would take me about 5 minutes to stand up straight. I had pretty much accepted the back pain as a part of getting older and figured that it would be something that I was going to have to deal with as long as I kept riding and racing.

I chose to seek treatment from Dr. Krohse based on recommendations from a few friends and also because Dr. Krohse actively participates in a lot of the same cycling activities that I do. His intimate understanding of the demands on the human body from competitive cycling have proven to be invaluable. After two weeks of bi-weekly treatments, I began to notice a remarkable change in how my lower back felt during and after races. The unbearable pain began to transition back to minor discomfort to a point where I had a relatively pain free race 3 weeks after seeing Dr. Krohse. I plan to continue chiropractic treatment with Dr. Krohse as a regular part of my training regime.

If you’re considering chiropractic treatment, I would highly recommend Dr. Krohse. I haven’t been to very many chiropractors throughout my life, but I find it hard to believe that you will find a better doctor to take care of your needs!

Des Moines Sports ChiropracticAthlete: Marina McCollom

Sport: Tennis

Day Job: Director of Junior Tennis at 7 Flags Fitness & Raquet Club

Background: I am a professional tennis player competing on the USPTA national circuit for tennis teaching professionals.  I am currently ranked #1 in singles in the Women’s Open division. In the last couple of years I have won 9 out of the 10 national tournaments I entered, including the National Indoor Championships in Minneapolis, National Clay Court Championships in West Palm Beach, FL, International Championships in Palm Springs, CA and Marco Island, FL, and Hard Court Championships in Tyler, TX.  I have also won the Player of the Year award for Women’s Open division under the USPTA in 2008 and 2009. 

Future Goals: My future goals include competing on the WTA tour (the most prestigious women’s tennis organization) and earning a world ranking and recognition.

Before starting care with Dr. Krohse I hadn’t tried chiropractic care. I was surprised how simple adjustments can positively affect your overall physical condition. I have had a chronic lower back pain for about a year. After starting treatment at Compass Chiropractic I haven’t experienced any major problems in that area.

Dr. Krohse was friendly and professional. He took the time to develop a personal program for me so I can strengthen my body and prevent future problems. I feel that I have improved my flexibility and strengthened my core, which is very important to tennis players.

I would definitely recommend Compass Chiropractic to other athletes.  Dr. Krohse is very knowledgeable and, as an athlete himself, understands the importance of ultimate physical condition to outstanding performance.

Des Moines Sports Chiropractic ChiropractorAthlete: Kristin Rinderknecht

Sport: Triathlon

Other Sponsors: Rasmussen Bike ShopFitness Sports

Hi my name is Kristin Rinderknecht, and I have been involved in athletics all of my life.  I participated in many sports growing up and in high school as well.  I went on to dive in college, and after college did just enough to keep in shape.  Running, aerobics, skiing etc…  I began to realize that I was missing the competitive side of sport that I had grown up with, so after watching my husband do a sprint triathlon I decided that I needed to do that as well.  I raced for a few years without any injuries, but that changed.  I got a severe knee injury that last well over a year. Once that was resolved I noticed that my hamstring was not feeling up to par.  I have done many different exercises and strengthening activities to help it, along with massage and other therapies, to no avail.  It would get better then when stressed it would flair up.  My current training has me gearing up for an Ironman in June.  So when my hamstring began bothering me again early this Spring I just figured I would have to deal with it, take my Advil, sit on a tennis ball and ice it. My injury is most apparent after long runs where it will be bothersome for hours after and up to two day later.  Sitting is the worst for it after running.

I heard about Dr. Krohse and what he had to offer and I actually gave it some thought.  But I do not go to Chiropractors because I do not think that is the fix that I need.  I have never given it a try and really never planned to.  I did find out that he offers ART, Active Release Therapy, which I have experienced before. So after a lot of doubt and dragging my feet I decided I would give it a try.  To my surprise it has been very helpful. I truly can walk in with pain and discomfort and leave without any pain.  The best thing is the relief lasts for a long time and with the stretching and exercises I do I can keep the majority of the discomfort away, until I over do it again.  The great thing is I am making less visits to the office and able to manage most of the discomfort on my own.  I have not taken any pain medication for this for at least 2 months.  I am also in some of the longest and hardest training weeks and am still keeping the pain in check.

I truly believe that ART and Dr. Krohse have been helpful in breaking this pain cycle.

If you are experiencing any pain and not sure what will work I would suggest that you give Dr. Krohse a call.  He is very accommodating and willing to treat you with whatever therapy you are comfortable with. Their office is very easy to schedule with and Connie is very helpful in the front office.

Give them a call you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

sports chiropractic des moinesAthlete: Loran Storts

Sport: Triathlon & Running

Other Sponsors: Rasmussen Bike ShopFitness Sports

Day Job: Owner and Coach at Iron Works

As an endurance athlete I have had my share of injuries over the past 30+ years of training & racing. I had been looking for someone that practices ART so that is how I found Compass Chiropractic. Dr Krohse took the time to ask questions, listened to my specific needs, pinpointed areas that could be strengthened, and showed me additional stretches/strengthening that I could do on my own. In the 6 weeks I have been seeing Dr Krohse I feel much more in-tune with my body; he has helped me work through some injuries that would otherwise sideline me for a couple of weeks. Thank you Dr Krohse for helping me stay on top of my game and on the podium at the races! 

Athlete: Ashley Tollakson

Sport: Distance Running

Affiliation: Runablaze Iowa

Other sponsors: Fitness SportsPowerBarOakley, CEP

Day Job: Attorney for Hartung & Schroeder

Chiropractic and ART are my secret weapons when it comes to keeping my body healthy. Regular adjustments and treatments from Dr. Krohse allow me to maximize the benefits of my training and perform to my true potential. I am very happy with how he has helped to keep nagging pains in my shin and knee at bay. Dr. Krohse has and will continue to be an integral part in my lead up to the 2012 Olympic Trials.

Athlete: Denny Torgerson

Sport: Bowling

Membership: Professional Bowlers Association

Day Job: Owner of Val Lanes

My Name is Denny Torgerson, and I am a professional bowler that has to my credit 1 National PBA Championship, 4 Regional PBA championships, and 5 Iowa State Championships. In order to maintain anything close to this level of performance, a bowler’s body must be hitting on all cylinders.

Athletes like to continue their good performance throughout their lives, but as they get older strength and flexibility decreases. I have found that regular chiropractic care and corresponding exercise helps me maintain much of that flexibility. This allows me to compete at a good level in my sport even though many of my competitors are younger. Bowling requires carrying a 15# weight over 16 feet and then hitting a 1 inch target 60 feet away as many as 60 to 100 times a session. This is not an easy task if the athlete has sore muscles or muscle pain. I find that regular chiropractic care helps these muscles perform at a higher level.

My goal is to maintain the same bowling average as I have throughout most of my bowling career. Since I have been coming to Dr. Krohse at Compass Chiropractic my average has increased back to the level I wish to maintain. I just feel “loose” and more relaxed as I compete. Another goal I have is to maintain my current bowling average of 200+ at the National Bowling Tournament each year. I have been participating in this tournament around the US for 41 years and my average came back up this year. I have to think that Compass Chiropractic helped me with that goal. I would recommend Dr. Krohse to any athlete wishing to maintain good performance levels.

Athlete: Tracy Vest

Sport: Golf

Other Sponsors: Titleist

Day Job: Director of Golf Instruction at Des Moines Golf & Country Club

I have been a professional golfer for 15 years.  Taking care of your body is critical to having a solid golf swing.   I have had some back and neck issues in the past and have found chiropractic care a key to maintaining my health.

Dr. Krohse has done a great job helping me stay healthy and feeling good physically.  He has been able to work on my problem areas in my neck and back with traditional chiropractic adjustments.  In addition, the Active Release Technique has been helpful in increasing my flexibility and strengthening my core. 

The staff at Compass has been great to work with and very helpful in completing my stretches.  My work with Dr. Krohse has me feeling pain free and ready for the upcoming season.

Club: Capital Striders


Member Offer: No charge first visit (consultation, exam, any needed x-rays, and report of findings) with $25 or greater donation to Capital Striders. $50 discount on guaranteed semi-flexible custom orthotics.

Info: It’s hard to find a friendlier group than a bunch of runners. We train and run hard (well, some of us do), and we all like to play hard. The Striders host a variety of social events throughout the year starting out on New Year’s Day with a run and potluck. Our Annual Meeting and Dinner comes along in March and a late summer picnic in August mark the permanent social schedule. However, new social opportunities are cropping up all the time so check this site often for updates.

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