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Below I want to share a couple of the most important stories of my life. First, the incredible story of how my family discovered chiropractic, and second how I discovered what it is like to deal with ongoing pain and frustrating experiences with doctors.

Then scroll down and you can hear about how my views on what chiropractic can help with shifted as I got to see especially children be helped with all kinds of random problems.

The stories in the second video will have you smiling and laughing out loud!

Finally, take a minute to watch an epic photo-bomb blooper that happened as I tried to record one of these videos for you.  You will be laughing out loud!

How my family discovered chiropractic & How I learned what It Feels like to be a Frustrated Patient

When I was five, a UPS truck t-boned my family’s little Subaru as we cruised along at highway speed. The trauma broke open my brother, Joshua’s, skull from above his eye to the top of his head. We rode in the back of the UPS truck as the driver frantically searched for a farmhouse with a phone we could use. My mom and I couldn’t do anything but watch the blood stream down Joshua’s face.
Joshua was airlifted to the hospital, had emergency skull repair surgery, and spent days in critical care.
Our family stayed in Ronald McDonald House, shell-shocked and afraid he wouldn’t make it, or if he did, maybe he wouldn’t be the same as before.
The doctors got Joshua stable. They were able to check his brain function. Amazingly, he still had his memory and intelligence. We brought him home feeling like it was a miracle!
Then the migraines started. He spent half days and entire days in a dark room. We tip-toed around the house trying not to make noise that would hurt his head. And you know my mom and dad’s hearts ached to stop the pain. How much would their seven year old little boy have to go through?
Joshua was referred to see a pediatric neurologist. She checked him out and took X-rays. She sat down with my mom and said…
“I think you should try taking him to a chiropractor.”
Not medicines?!?
It came out of left field. My mom was a nurse and “chiropractic” wasn’t in our family’s vocabulary. No one in our family had ever tried it.
My mom took him though. His headaches got better through the care. I got my brother back! He’s 42 now and still doesn’t experience frequent headaches. Joshua lives over in Cedar Rapids now with his own family.

Confessions of a Super-Skeptical Chiropractor

My Most Exciting and Amazing Stories of Success With Children and Problems like Constipation, bed-wetting, ADHD, and Ear INfections


“It can help bed-wetting, allergies, ADHD, constipation, TONSILLITIS, and ____ and ____ and ____”

I felt like I’d wandered into a cult!

I learned how “crazy” my peers were when I shared about the time I got a couple antibiotic injections in my butt.

They looked at me like I was an 👽 

Then I saw an amazing result for myself:

For over a year, the little two year old had been pooping once a week, and only after he was given a suppository. 😕

His mom came back a few days after his first adjustment and said, “He’s been going every day! My husband said to tell the doctor to turn it back off. He’s sick of all the dirty diapers!” her grin was ear to ear. 😁

So I had to acknowledge, “If there’s the brain and a nerve and a muscle, and the nerves aren’t getting perfect messages through, yes, that could cause problems. The intestines are a muscle that has to squeeze poop through a 20 foot tube in an adult… 🤔  Yes, I can see how chiropractic could help with that.”

Over the next few years I saw some jaw-dropping results, but yet my skeptical nature still kept my eyes squinted. 🤨 

Then I had a wake up call. In a short period of time I got bonked in the head with enough patient successes, education, and new research to finally give in.

I finally had my lightbulb moment! 💡 

The brain and nerves truly DO control it all.

Each and every one of our brains are trying to fix any problem in our bodies and keep everything working perfectly. 

Interference in the nerves can have a MAJOR effect on health, and normal nerve function can empower our bodies to heal in amazing ways. 

And nerves can certainly be pinched without pain. Sit on a leg for a couple hours to experience it. 🦵 

Then really stop and think what numbness and weakness would be in these other body parts. 🤔

And since that time I’ve had a blast seeing my patients get free from all kinds of random problems when we get their spines working better.

So I know this video is long. 

But take the time, I promise some smiles and laugh out loud success stories as I share how I went from a super-skeptic to an “innate intelligence empowerer”!

Send me a note with your story. I'm interested to hear what's going on in your life!

A Blooper! She Stole the Show! 🙂