Run to Cure Cancer Fundraiser

Through April 30, we'll be doing a fundraiser for the Run to Cure Cancer .  During the fundraiser any new patient who  donates $50 or more to the Run to Cure Cancer will receive a complementary first visit (exam, any needed spinal X-rays, and table massage up to $300 value).

In 2012 local ultra-runner and new Team Compass Chiropractic member Steve Cannon will again Run To Cure Cancer.  The run will raise awareness, money and HOPE for The Lance Armstrong Foundation and all those fighting cancer.  Last year, Steve ran 11 consecutive marathons to cross Iowa by foot.  This year, Steve is attempting to be the first person to RUN around Lake Michigan. Take time to learn more at his site, get involved, and then share it with everyone!!  WHAT YOU DO TODAY CHANGES SOMEONE'S TOMORROW.

Help us spread the word on this great opportunity to help Steve Cannon Run to Cure Cancer.

Call (515) 309-1217 to schedule an appointment!

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