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Seeing a new doctor can be scary and frustrating!  You may be unsure if you're making the right decision about what type of provider to see.  You'd like to know if the doctor has helped problems like the one you're dealing with.  You definitely don't want the doctor to be a jerk or be condescending as you share your concerns.  And certainly, you don't want to bring your children to a provider who you don't feel comfortable with.  I get it!  :)

While we've always offered and continue to offer free in-office consultations, we recently decided that at times a simple, old-fashioned phone call might be the most effective way to answer your questions regarding whether our care can help the problem that you've been dealing with.  Additionally, if it does sound like a problem I can help I can give you an idea about what I expect to need to do in terms of exam and testing to determine the causes of your problem.

Use the scheduling tool below to book a time on my schedule.  I have opened two fifteen minute appointments on Mondays and Wednesday at 2:00 and 2:15 because they are some of the most predictable times in my weeks. 

If those won't work for you, you can use the contact form and request a call at the end of my work-day on Monday or Wednesday - send me your name, phone number, email, and requested date for a call.  I will give you a call when I finish seeing patients but the time could vary between about 5:50 to 6:45 in the evening.  When I receive your message, I'll try to get back to you with a more specific estimate of when I'll be able to call. 

If none of those work, call our office at 515-309-1217 and ask one of my wonderful team members to schedule a "Talk with the Doc" phone call and we'll find a way to chat. :)

Thanks and I look forward to talking soon! 

Dr. Krohse

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