New Patients

We take pride in providing a wonderful experience for first-time chiropractic patients!

  • Share with us you're nervous, we'll stick with gentle care
  • Tell us you prefer hands-on care, we'll get you fixed up that way
  • No high pressure situations
  • Clear communication on costs of care before you receive it
  • A thorough exam for those new to chiropractic
  • A brief exam may be able to be performed when we take over care from another chiropractor

Get started!

  1. Call us to schedule a new patient appointment at 515-309-1217
  2. Print out the forms below and fill them out by hand if possible
  3. Follow simple directions on the first page of the forms to get to our friendly office


See what an exam is like with this QUICK video!  We look forward to meeting you! :)

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