Dr. Krohse's Top Tips For More Restful, Rejuvenating, and Health-Enhancing Sleep

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What mattresses are most recommended? 

  • Learn about the time I felt like a Statue of Liberty person outside of Liberty Tax Service
  • Hear about why it's great to have a "Corey" in your life and see him take a bite out of my Taco-Dog

Why do some sleep positions cause pain? Why can some people sleep in CRAZY positions and still feel good while others wake up feeling awful? 


What pillow is most recommended? What sleep positions are recommended?

  • "So comfy it's like being back in your mother's womb"

How does chiropractic help a person sleep better?

  • If your body is stuck in "run-from-a-dog mode" you won't sleep well!
  • Don't count on pain to tell you about spine problems interfering with sleep - "step on a LEGO" or "stub your toe" vs cancer or heart attack.

I have trouble with worrying keeping me awake at night. What do you recommend?

  • Hear a funny story about drooling during an early date with Val
  • "Don't listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery..." LOL

What supplement Helps people sleep better?

  • See that twitch by your eye, nasty Charlie horses, and chronic constipation improve while you're at it!

Is technology messing up my sleep? What should I do?

  • YES
  • Watch the video 🙂

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