How to get your Doctor to Order an MRI

In the tutorial below, Dr. David Krohse of Compass Chiropractic shares how to get your doctor to listen and take your problem seriously.  Sharing how a problem is affecting your life in the ways described below will be much more effective at getting the doctor on the same page with you than simply sharing a description of your pain.

Before you go see your doctor, make notes on the following questions.  Try to look at the ways your problem is affecting your life through the doctor’s eyes.  Prioritize what you will share with the doctor with the most important ways your problem is affecting your life shared first.

You and your doctor may live drastically different lives, but sharing how your problem is threatening your ability to work is definitely one of the top ways to get the doctor to understand how significant your problem is.

  • How is your problem threatening or affecting your ability to work?
  • How is your problem affecting your family role or social life?
  • How is your problem affecting your ability to do things you love or care highly about?
  • What is your problem like when it is at its worst, specifically how does it affect the first three things above when it is flared up?
  • Is your problem getting worse or having more frequent flareups?
  • Have you had problems getting a doctor to thoroughly evaluate your condition?

Here are some of the other statements you might say to get the doctor on your side:

  • “I know you probably only have so much time to work with me today, so if follow up visits become necessary I understand that.  My top priority is definitely figuring out what my problem is.”
  • “I’d really like to know about any tests that you think might help you understand exactly what’s causing my problem.  However, because I have a high deductible plan I will need to get some information on costs before I’m able to proceed."

Roleplay your conversation with a family member or close friend or practice it with your smartphone selfie-style before you head in!

Have any questions or comments?  Click over to the Youtube video and leave them below the video!

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