Lesson 6: How To Survive & Thrive Both Physically and Financially in Our Health Care System

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Why is a chiropractor talking about health care and Finances?


How do you get a Doctor to Listen and Take Your Problem Seriously? 

  • One of my worst videos: Terrible lighting and low energy, BUT the valuable advice has made it "go viral" (OK, just 17,000 views so I won't be getting rich, but still... 🙂
  • Thousands of views from people around the world frustrated by trying to get their doctor to listen and take their problem seriously.
  • Get the pre-doctor visit checklist here.
  • A special note: If you're one of my patients and feel like I haven't thoroughly assessed an ongoing problem let me know! I want to get to the bottom of it and help you figure out what's going on and how to fix it!

The Most Important Question To Ask If A Pain or Problem Isn't Getting Better


The Most Important Number in Your Health Insurance

  • Avoid the number one cause of bankruptcy, medical bills, by being aware of this number!
  • To get your finances in order and be financially prepared for a health emergency I recommend listening to or reading books by Dave Ramsey.

Watch out for out of network care! Don't get caught by surprise!

  • At our office we let someone know if care will not be covered by a health insurance, but many providers and especially specialists or diagnostic services do not do this
  • Hear a jaw-dropping story of surprise medical expenses and make sure this doesn't happen to your family!

Why You Should Always Ask the Cost of Health Care

  • Hear the story of my "crappy wake-up call" about the costs of health care
  • Learn the book that you should read to learn how our health care system got so expensive and what you can do to protect your family from financial ruin.
American Sickness

The Main Difference Between Western Medicine And Natural HealthCare

  • A reminder: your body is AMAZING!!!!! Even if you feel like it's working against you, it is trying to fix your problems!
  • How does your communication go when your phone has poor reception? Your brain might be feeling the same frustration trying to fix your shoulder or hip or back.