Neck Pain & Headaches Class

Health Class - The Top Five Stretches & Exercises to Get Rid of Neck Pain & Headaches

Free for a limited time!

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In under 30 minutes you'll learn:

  • The most effective stretches for three neck muscles that cause neck pain and headaches when they become tight and tender
  • The top stretch to counteract the neck pain and headache-causing poor posture that so many of us develop with too much sitting, driving, and desk work
  • The most effective exercise to loosen the 16 neck joints, which cause neck pain and headaches when they become stiff, aggravated, and inflamed over time.
What exactly will happen at my visit?
  • Print & fill out this form to speed up your visit & check-in
  • Two-minute tour - we'll take you on a very brief tour of our happy office.
  • Myovision quick scan - we'll take a minute to check the real-time muscle tension in your neck with our Myovision Surface EMG.  You'll get a printout of your results to take with you.
  • Exercise instruction - 15-25 minutes of one-on-one learning with one of our knowledgeable, friendly team members
Why do we offer this for free?
The best health care providers do everything they can to prevent the conditions they treat.  That's why we always empower our patients with the best stretches to improve their problems and maintain their improvement.
We hope the powerful strategies that you learn are successful at getting rid of your neck pain and headaches.  However, if they don't resolve entirely, or if you are interested in feeling better as quickly as possible, we believe we are your best option!  Neck pain and headaches are two of the top three conditions we treat here!
We find the quickest results with stubborn, ongoing conditions are achieved through a combination of care. After a thorough exam, Dr. Krohse provides the most effective natural treatments.  For spine joint dysfunction, he provides hands-on or gentle, instrumented-assisted chiropractic adjustments.  We always prioritize keeping care within each patient's comfort level!  For tight muscles in the neck region, Dr. Krohse has become the most certified Des Moines area providers of Active Release Techniques.  Finally, if any other stretches or exercises are required to fix your pain we would teach you those.
We know you'll love have an amazing experience and feel confident to choose us for your current or future healthcare needs! :)

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