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Wake, walk, hug, run, & compete without pain!

“You deserve rapid results and lasting solutions achieved through care thoroughly explained and kept within your comfort level.”


Top Conditions Treated

We feel most confident to provide quick results and permanent solutions for back pain, neck pain, headaches, whiplash, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip pain, and sciatica.

Pain-Free & Efficient Running Workshop

Tuesday, March 28 at 5:30 PM – Free!

“Essential for new runners and those who are sick of being among the 65-80 percent of runners who get injured in a given year!”

At 5:30 pm on Tuesday, March 28 Compass Chiropractic will host a Pain-Free & Efficient Running Workshop.  We’ll start by shooting some video of your current running form for comparison later.  Then the concepts and techniques of low impact running styles will be introduced.  A workshop will follow where participants will practice simple drills to integrate these concepts into their running. The session will end with video and slow motion review of participants running form pre and post concepts and drills.  Participants should arrive in clothes and shoes suitable to run in.  Please RSVP  through the Facebook Event, or call 515-309-1217 or email

Check out the testimonials from past participants below!

Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you so much for last night’s workshop. I incorporated the simple techniques into my run tonight and I ran faster than I ever have, had more energy at the end – never ended up feeling winded or tired and actually felt like I could have gone another couple of miles – and my knees didn’t hurt and aren’t hurting now at all! Thank you so much. I’m thrilled and looking forward to my long run this Saturday to see what a difference it makes there.


Dr. Krohse was referred to me by a colleague and quickly became a trusted care provider for both chiropractic adjustments as well as ART treatments.  As an amateur athlete/triathlete, I was battling issues with neck pain/headaches and knee pain.  Adjustments as well as ART helped get me into a maintenance mode with my overall wellness, but I continued to have some nagging issues with my right knee.

We were able to schedule time to go through the techniques and philosophy of Pain-Free Running.  At first I was in denial about my heel striking but after reviewing the video and discussing some of the drills, it was obvious I had room for improvement.  Initially the changes felt awkward after decades of my old running style and my running times per mile were definitely slower and not impressive.  What I did note fairly quickly was the reduction of pain in my knee which has since gone away.  It’s been over two years since I’ve changed my technique and I have been able to cut close to a minute per mile off my average pace in Half Ironman races (sub-7:45’s now) as well as feel my running is more effortless. 


Sandy Recommends Fontenelle Supply Company:

This place is unique and worth a trip to Des Moines’ East Village.  I stumbled across this small business, the Fontenelle Supply Company, while shopping downtown last fall.

The Fontenelle Supply Company restores vintage and antique axes.  It was founded by a group of 4 men, friends and camping buddies, who needed quality axes to split firewood.  They discovered that finding and restoring vintage axes resulted in a higher quality axe than buying new.  Their showroom also sports some very high-quality custom leather goods, bags, briefcases, denim, hats, helmets, outerwear, shirts and hand crafted soy candles.  They also carry a line of Chippewa boots and Filson clothing and they tout themselves as a voice for other people who offer handmade and high-quality Midwest manufacturing.

I have an appreciation for what they do as I am fortunate to have a very old hewing axe, salvaged from my grandfather’s farm, and it is an amazing and useful (and nearly indestructible) tool.  We have used it to chop wood and remove tree roots and stumps and it is a workhorse (and a workout)!  Originally, the hewing axe was used to convert the rounded logs into lumber or to square up beams for timber framing.
It is great to know that this amazing piece of Americana can be sharpened and maintained and used for many more years thanks to the craftsmanship that the Fontenelle Supply Company offers.   The store is open 7 days a week and is located at 524 E. Grand in Des Moines.

Amy Recommends Amara Hair Salon:

If you’re looking for a great hair stylist I highly recommend Michelle Okland owner of “Amara” hair salon.

I have known Michelle since she was an all-star cheerleader that I had the pleasure of coaching for many years. She was an exceptional athlete and it has been wonderful watching her grow into a strong, successful adult. Michelle always had a knack for doing hair and makeup and she followed her dreams to become a successful business owner.  She recently opened Amara in Ankeny on her own after several years of working at a salon in Huxley. Michelle has always done a great job with my hair and I would find it hard to trust anyone else!  She pays attention and listens to just what you want, gives her professional opinion, and of course keeps up on all of the latest hair trends so that she can offer the best of the best to her clients!  Along with hair-cuts and color she offers other services such as makeup and waxing.

Michelle rents suite #103 located at 1380 SW Vintage pkwy suite 209 Ankeny -inside Dolce Vita. You can contact her at 515-314-1049 to book an appointment today!

Sheri Recommends Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market:

I first discovered this market through their ad flyers that were coming out in my weekly West Des Moines Register paper.  I would look at the ad and think “Wow, what great prices on produce, I need to go check this place out!”  After a couple months I finally took the time to go shopping there.  I was sold after that first visit!  What a great market & I have been shopping there ever since.

After Christmas I decided it was time I got a part time job for awhile & when shopping in the store on one visit, I noticed they had hiring signs posted.  So I asked an employee about it & ended up applying the next day.  During my interview I discovered the CEO had actually worked as an executive at the Sunflower Sprouts Market that is a popular store on the West coast & through Colorado.  I loved going to it when visiting my friends in Denver.  He also worked for Wild Oats that, if I remember correctly, were bought out by Whole Foods several years ago.  Wild Oats never made it to Iowa, but I use to love shopping them in Omaha whenever I visited my family.  They also told me that part of the reason they can not only have great deals on produce, but pay and take care of their employees so well, was because this CEO chose not to take a typical high salary for himself like most do.  He wanted that money to go back into the company via buying product and paying employees.  That was so refreshing to hear.  He tried to get Sunflower Sprouts to expand to the Midwest, but they were not interested in doing that.  So he left and started Fresh Thyme, modeling it after the Sprouts market concept.  Set up to give you the farmer’s market feel, it is not an overly large, overwhelming store but it has so much to choose from.

I have found some great new products that cater to my special diet needs like gluten & dairy free.  They offer freshly made juice daily, meat products like elk, venison, goat & buffalo.  Grass fed items, a huge variety of protein bars, great bulk food section, lots of vegan friendly items and a deli that makes some killer good soups & other items.  I have a great time working there on the weekends & really enjoy the customers & fellow employees.  Some of the perks are that I get a 15% discount on everything in store except alcohol products.  That discount even comes off the low sale prices they have.

Perks for customers include double ad day on Wednesday, which means that they have two ads going on for one day, the new ad that starts on that day and the ad from previous week.  They also have a app available to track rewards, view the ad prices and get extra coupons that are not in the ads.  Due to the great prices and how busy that keeps us, we do run out of ad items quite often.  However they freely issue rain-checks for all ad items and frequently substitute items. Every time I work, something will go through my check out lane that intrigues me and I want to either look into or try.  If you have not been out to this new market and enjoy the more well-known Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods you need stop in and check us out!

Dr. Krohse Recommends Reed’s Hollow

A couple years back I read a Des Moines Register article about a fun food experience.  A young chef was serving incredible and unique creations out of a closet-sized kitchen within the Gaslamp Bar and Music Venue.  Val and I made it to the “Hole in the Wall” and enjoyed an amazing meal on a Friday evening served on paper plates with live blues music providing ambiance.  It wasn’t romantic or classy but it was absolutely delicious.

Since that time Zach Gutweiler and his partners took over a more appropriate space in Beaverdale and named their restaurant Reed’s Hollow.  Having read a couple rave reviews, Val and I decided to make this more romantic spot our Valentine’s Day destination. 

Val and I shared three amazing appetizers and one entrée and were very satisfied.  For the starters we enjoyed the Brussels sprouts, beet curly fries, and the turnip blossom.  I loved the irony that three vegetables/roots I would have probably recoiled from most as a picky-eater child provided the base for some of the most succulent and satisfying appetizers that I’ve enjoyed. Both the presentation and the flavor led us to take our time and savor every sumptuous bite.

Our entrée was the Lobster Ramen featuring spaghetti squash noodles.  Lobster is one of Val and my “special occasion” foods and we love it cooked at home and served with just butter.  However, the combination of flavors in this dish was five-star worthy.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Next time you are looking for a delicious meal and special dining experience head to Reed’s Hollow.

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