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Wake, walk, hug, run, & compete without pain!

I’m sorry,


In the past, when we explained chiropractic we only talked about pain: “get out of pain” and “keep your spine healthy so you don’t end up back in pain”.   

Unfortunately, I failed to recognize that pain is a bad indicator of your health.  Really stop and think!  We could feel fine and the next day get a cancer diagnosis or have a heart attack!  How can that be?  It would be nice if pain gave us a clue about problems developing, but the truth is you only feel pain if a special nerve cell called a pain receptor gets cut or smashed.  Get a paper cut or step on a lego and you’ll experience that!  Pain receptors are mainly only located in the skin and joints.  Over 90 percent of your body has no significant amount of pain receptors: your organs, your blood vessels, and most nerve cells can all have major issues and you don’t know it! That’s how a paper cut can hurt worse than cancer :/ 


So even when you’re not having pain, problems can be developing.  When you realize this it makes sense to regularly check how your body is working and take action steps to keep it working properly.

I also didn’t help you understand what keeps you healthy and fixes your problems – your brain!  Your brain controls every single function through the nerves, truly everything: every cell, every organ, your hormones, your immune system, and your healing ability!  Think about it, if something gets injured what controls the healing?  It’s all your brain and nerves!


So even if you don’t feel pain, a problem spot in the spine can disturb the messages from your brain to body parts and eventually those body parts can stop working right or fail to heal.   Check out this University of Chicago study where chiropractic adjustments improved high blood pressure as much as a combination of two common blood pressure medicines.  That’s amazing! Did I mention that your brain and nerves control everything?  When nerve interference is removed, your body has tremendous power to heal itself.


What are the take-home messages? You might be putting up with problems and taking medications for conditions that your body can heal if we can empower your brain and nerves to do their job at 100 percent!  Also, you might have problems developing that will turn into a crisis if you wait until pain clues you in.  Think about how healthy our teeth would be if we only looked at them or did any maintenance on them when we felt pain.  We would end up with sad smiles and in a world of hurt. 


So with this note I want to invite patients who have already been in to see us in the past to come in for a thorough re-exam.  We look at the power of a healthy spine and nerves through a different lens, and we want to help our patients experience longer, more active lives with less sickness, fewer medicines, and fewer surgeries.


Through March 31, call us and let us know you’d like to do a “thorough re-exam” and we’ll do our best to find any interference to your body’s healing and maintenance ability with a free re-evaluation including any needed update x-rays!  (Sorry, patients covered by federal and state insurances are excluded)


We also invite you to share our “New Patient Web Promotion” below with your friends and family.  Along with helping those with symptoms, we would love to see more people before they are in crisis like dentists do.  Ask us about how a “Wellness Checkup” would work.  We would love to help your family members and friends live their lives to the fullest!

Thanks for understanding!

PS I recorded a more complete video explanation of these concepts if you’d like to watch it at

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Sandy Recommends Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

I like to end my day on an upbeat note and recently I stumbled across a Netflix (formerly on Crackle) series entitled Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  The basic premise of this show is a short clip (15-20 minutes) of comedian Jerry Seinfeld driving to pick up a fellow comedian in a classic car and then heading off to get a cup of coffee.  Each episode features a different car, a different comedian and a drive to a local coffee house or diner where they chat and laugh unscripted.I’ve found that this is a great show for my husband and I to share at the end of a hectic day because he gets a fun and interesting brief story and video about classic automobiles (which he loves) and we both get a good chuckle out of the humor from the various guests on the show.  Famous comedians such as Steve Martin, Kristin Wiig, Jay Leno, Stephen Colbert, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Will Farrell, Chris Rock, David Letterman and many, many others are featured in the various episodes.  This show debuted in July of 2012 and is still in production, thus there are many archived episodes to choose from and this little gem of a series can be watched in under a half hour and will leave you chuckling and smiling.  Watching humor never gets old and never goes out of style.

Sheri Recommends Hana Ramen & Sushi

This delicious restaurant is located at 7450 Bridgewood Blvd right beside Scratch Cupcakery.  I have been there three times now in past couple months with my adventurous bestie.  The first time we went we had sushi and it was pretty amazing.  They have some unique rolls we had never experienced before.  We had one with deep fried oysters, one with scallops and another with cilantro.

The other two times we went, we had Ramen that was so incredibly good, (which is why we had it twice.)  Very unusual for my sushi-eating friend and I.  But with this bitter cold since Christmas it really hit the spot for us.  You could order it in regular, spicy, or extra spicy.  For a minimal charge you can add extra toppings, as well.  It comes with a flavored egg & fish cakes that I was not entirely on board with until I had them.  I would never have dreamed putting a soft boiled egg on top of my noodle soups in the past but it was amazingly good!

If you’re looking for interesting sushi and rocking good ramen I would suggest giving them a go.  I will definitely be making a fourth trip there!

Dr. Krohse Recommends Cline’s Custom Designs

Recently my biking buddy, Nate Cline, started a business designing custom metal products that make great gifts for yourself or those you care about.  Being a cyclist, he’s been primarily focusing on badges for the front of bikes but has also done beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry.  I’ve been extremely impressed with his designs and worked with him to create a memorial top tube bike badge representing my passed-away partner in crime, George.  Nate captured his spirit perfectly and I’ve enjoyed seeing the design when I get out for rides.

Gift-giving has always been hard, but in the world we live in it’s gotten even harder because if a person has a smart phone that takes care of a lot of their needs and wants.  Men especially can be hard to buy for.  That’s why you should consider a custom gift from Cline’s Custom Designs for the important people in your life (or for yourself). 🙂

I enjoy thinking about how to grow and expand a business so I’ve been giving Nate my (perhaps unsolicited) opinion of different custom products he could create: motorcycle badges, belt buckles, and wall art based on people’s tattoos.  A cool gift could be for a guy to have elements of his tattoos integrated into a custom necklace for his lady.  I don’t have any tattoos yet, so I can’t do this for Val :/

It’s custom work so reach out to Nate with your unique ideas next time you need a gift or want to customize your bike or motorcycle!

Follow Cline’s Custom Designs on Facebook and share about Nate any time you hear of someone looking for a truly meaningful and unique gift!