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December & January Doorbuster deal: $50 off Standard Process Purification program

“The Standard Process®Purification Program is not a fad diet. The
program teaches you how to live a healthier life by purifying, nourishing, and maintaining a healthy body and weight. The 21-day purification program cleanses by removing naturally occurring toxins. You’ll begin to define your “new normal” with a healthy diet and supplements that will support your nutritional needs and lifestyle.”

Read about Dr. Krohse’s transformation back in 2010 using the Standard Process Purification at his blog.

 Dr. Krohse’s Before & After – October 2009 to July 2010
December Waiting Room Wellness Activity – Share your top bucket-list experience, resolution, or tip for reaching a goal

Through the month of December, we’ll have clipboards in our reception area where we invite you to share a bucket-list experience, your resolution for the new year, or a tip for reaching goals.  Additionally, if you’d like to add the comment to our Compass Chiropractic Facebook page, we’ll be able to publish this list and comment submissions in early January in our newsletter and hope it gives you great ideas for the new year!

Dr. Krohse shared that his top bucket-list experience for 2016 is taking kite-boarding lessons.

Best Gifts You’ve ever Given, Received, or What You’d Most Like for Christmas – November’s Waiting Room Wellness

During November we invited our patients to share the best gifts given, received, or what they’d like for Christmas.  Our list certainly highlights how diverse people are.  We hope it inspires you to give special gifts to those around you this year!

• My mother started a lap quilt for my dad. She passed away before finishing. I finished it for him and gave it to him that Christmas. It meant so much to him to have something she had made for him.
• Metal Craft- signs, useful household items, benches (
• Engagement ring
• Love and kindness and engagement ring on the beach
• Grandkiddos
• Nascar race tix
• Coffee bean roaster
• Kindle
•1st grandchild announcement
• Kate Spade purse filled with Urban Decay makeup and money
• Adventureland season pass for the kids
• Pictures of friends and I in cool frames
• A silver dollar with the birth year of my grandfather
• My husband and two daughters
• Vacation condo in Florida with my boyfriend, plus free pet-sitting
• My husband took me for a horse ride on Christmas Day then proposed to me as I opened the last gift (my engagement ring) in front of my parents and sister
• Wish-lottery
• A charm with my mom’s thumbprint
• Spa day
• Christmas in the Rockies with family
• Custom-tailored dress shirt
• Glider plane ride for my dad
• Laptop
• Ugg boots
• b-day surprise gifts from patients set up by Dr. Krohse
• My granddaughter
• Gave my brother wood pen/pencil holder made out of woodwork from old farm house we grew up in. The woodwork had a “Z” carved in it (for Zoro)- he did this when he was small.
• Drywall gripper thingy – helps 1 person plop big piece of drywall
• Gave mom a jar of “memories” written by all 8 of her children – fun!
• Camera
• Massages, facials, spa treatments
• Diamond earrings & pendant
• The gift of time from my daughter and my nephew
• My daughter’s artwork from daycare
• Batman utility belt
• iphone 6s

Sandy Recommends Coloring Books for Adults
 I can’t help but love a little throwback to my younger days.  When I started spotting coloring books for adults on the bookshelves at Barnes and Noble and Target earlier this year I got pretty excited.  What a great way to kick back, relax and put creativity to work.  And unplug….. from everything.   Just me, a cup of hot tea and some really fun coloring books.  I’ve given a couple as gifts recently and they were received with much enthusiasm.  So check it out if you’re out holiday shopping.  I’ve discovered that this little gem of a gift is welcomed by just about everyone irrespective of age, gender or artistic ability.   And throw in a box of really cool colored pencils or markers while you’re at it! 
Amy Recommends 8 DIY Holiday Crafts That Aren’t Cheesy!

Crafting is fun this time of year, even as an adult. Yes, we display our macaroni/popsicle stick-esque crafts that kids make, but here are some DIY adult holiday crafts that are totally chic and I would add to my home holiday decor or give to someone as a gift. Time to hit up the craft store!
                                                        (Source for all crafts: Pinterest)

1paper ball ornament 
2Mason Jar Luminaries

3Pottery Barn Inspired Mason Jar Vase

4Gingerbread Men Garland

5Pinecone Garland

6Personalized Clay Ornaments

7Rustic Stick Candle Holders

8Glitter Dipped Gift Tags

Anne Recommends Unconventional Gift-Giving
We support colossal corporations all year.  Taking a break from big-business can trim holiday tension and budgets, while gifting in more meaningful, memorable, and matchless methods.  Here are a few ideas…

Something sold… at a local art festival or crafts exhibit.  These events are not only entertaining to attend, but arranged with unusual, inventive, often affordable items such as jewelry, décor, toys, pottery, knits, fine art, and one-of-a-kind finds.  
Something new… for someone else who needs it most.  Make a donation in your recipient’s name to a charity they are most passionate about, such as the International Fund for Animals, who provides doghouses for pups deserted to harsh temperature extremes, among other improvements.  The I Have A Dream Foundation is specific to Iowa and helps disadvantaged youth with college tuition and mentor-ship.  You can also “adopt” an animal through Defenders of Wildlife; charities like this one often return a certificate or stuffed animal, which can make the gift more tangible for children while teaching them about compassionate contribution.

Something borrowed…  from nature, that is.  When I was a child, my mom transformed some pine cones from our yard into delightful cinnamon-scented fireplace starters for my Grandfather. All she had purchased was an inexpensive bottle of essential oil.  Other
inspirations include herbal tea mixes, live wreaths, catnip-filled kitty toys, herbal eye pillows, and canned goods from your garden.  Shells, sand, and stones collected during an exotic excursion make charming paperweights and bookends.  People are also fond of home-brewed beverages, infused oils and vinegar, and handmade soaps.

Something you do.  Give a voucher valued at a deed you will accomplish… just make certain it is one you will follow through with promptly.  Perhaps your friend or family member could use a pet sitter, a night out away from their children, or assistance with a project.  Maybe someone in your life needs something you are especially skilled at… a hair-cut, car/bicycle tune-up, website advice, family portraits, or taxes filed?  If your recipient craves a massage, gym membership, music lesson, or cooking class, pre-pay for their experience.  On the other hand, you could coordinate an outing to a sports event, theater performance, or concert, which would include quality time together.  Subscriptions can also be prized presents.  This past year, Dr. Krohse hooked his fiancé up with a C.S.A. membership, bestowing a weekly bundle of farm-fresh foods.

Whichever way you decide to give this season, I like to remember Khalil Gibran’s passage: “Generosity is giving more than you can. Pride is taking less than you need.”  Happy holidays!

Dr. Krohse recommends Woeber’s Hot & Spicy Mustard
I’ve always been a mustard guy.  As a kid my favorite was plain yellow mustard on a “dried beef” sandwich at my grandparents’ house. In high school I fell in love with Amana Dill Mustard for my out-of-this-world homemade smoked turkey sandwiches. But for the past couple years, my world has been rocked by Woeber’s Hot & Spicy Mustard.
From the Woeber’s website, “This mustard will wake up your taste buds! Only the #1 select mustard seed is used, along with fresh horseradish, peppers and special spices. Its rich, spicy flavor beefs up your enjoyment of broiled meats, poultry and cheeses. It’s also popular for use in salad dressing recipes.”
Personally, I most frequently use this bold mustard in place of a standard salad dressing on my deluxe lunch time salads created with romaine, Virginia Ham, cheese, banana peppers, and pickles .  I highly recommend you try Woeber’s Hot & Spicy Mustard soon!

Dr. Krohse, Val, and George recently welcomed Sage to their family!

Val & Sage at Grays Lake

Sage & George at Grays Lake

Sage is a Boston Yorkie puppy and was adopted through the Mid American Boston Terrier Rescue. 🙂

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