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Wake, walk, hug, run, & compete without pain!

At the end of June I took off for an amazing vacation to Oregon with my wife, Val (pics if you scroll down) while Sheri headed off to Chicago for a NASCAR race.  On the night of June 30, torrential rain and flash flooding brought North Walnut Creek to a level about a foot above the floor of our office.  Our Billing Manager, Sandy, walked in the next morning to find that our entire office had been filled with about 1-3 inches of water.

For a bit I debated flying back a day early, but ultimately decided there wasn’t that much I could do in the short term.  I did immediately reach out to a chiropractic peer, Dr. Michael Davis, from Firm Foundation Chiropractic. He was gracious enough to let us practice out of his office space for the last 25 days.  

We feel so fortunate!  If the water hadn’t receded quickly it could have been so much worse.  We didn’t lose any patient data or paper files.  Adjusting tables and X-ray equipment came through the flash flood fine.  We’ve been able to continue to help long-time and new patients reach their health goals in the temporary space!  This past Thursday and Friday we got new carpet installed and the office is looking and smelling fresh again!  We are excited to be back in our office seeing patients after a relatively brief interruption.

Thank you to all who continued to support us and choose us for their chiropractic care! Thanks to our landlords, Alliance Realty Company, for hustling to get our space back in shape quickly! Thank you especially to Dr. Michael Davis as well as Dr. Rebecca Lake of Shine Chiropractic and Laura of Laura J. Ward Massage for welcoming us into their space in this crisis situation.

Back in biz with a sweet new carpet pattern! 🙂
Sandy recommends Strong is the New Pretty by Kate T. Parker. 

As a mother of two adult daughters, I found this book inspiring as it celebrates girls just being themselves.  This book emphasizes, through many wonderful photographs, that real beauty isn’t about being a certain size or having a certain look, but being your authentic self.  Kate T. Parker is a professional photographer who shares 175 amazing photographs (with inspiring captions) of girls ages 4-19, that captures the spirit, spunk, strength, athleticism, fearlessness and beauty of individuality in girls.  This book was published a year ago and I wish it had been around many years ago when my girls were younger.  This book conveys a very powerful message for girls, whatever their aspiration.   And parents, teachers, counselors, relatives and others dealing with young and adolescent girls will find it useful as well.

Sheri Recommends Plant Life Designs

On May 5th I ventured west of Des Moines through Booneville to an amazing beautiful place called Plant Life Designs.  They were having their annual plant sale and I was on a mission for tomatoes and herbs.  Little did I realize the variety of tomatoes they would have available for me to choose from.  Not to mention the herbs, brightly colored flowers, butterfly bushes, pre-made colorful pots and berry bushes. Tough decision as I truly wanted one of ALL the different varieties!

Tara and her crew were incredibly welcoming and helpful to every one shopping.  Offering up their knowledge and own experiences to help me make my decisions.  I walked out of there with five different tomatoes, three flowers, all the herbs on my list and plans to pick up blackberry,  blueberry and rasberry bushes.  I am so happy with my purchases, as you will see in the before and after pictures they are flourishing!  I am already thinking about what I will add to my little paradise from next year’s plant sale.  Also, for those of you who have admired the fresh wreath we have had hanging in our office in the winter?  Plant Life Designs is who makes it for us.

Plant Life Designs offers residential landscaping, artisanal holiday wreaths, wedding flowers, fresh flowers on Fridays, and a variety of interesting events through the year ranging from Yoga in the Garden to a Summer Solstice Garden Party.  There is also the Plantone Club you can join for a monthly fee.  For more information follow them on Facebook and check out there website at

Make your own little paradise with beautiful plans no matter how large a space you have!  It’s serenity…

Fresh Thyme Top Five Products:

Sheri works part-time in the Natural Living area at Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market in West Des Moines and shares some of their current top selling products in our newsletters:

  1. Plus CBD Oil
  2. Host Defense Mushrooms
  3. Mega Food Multivitamins
  4. Gaia Herbs – Curcumin Synergy
  5. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap
 Dr. Krohse Recommends Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga by Hook and Bo Yoga

This past Sunday, Val and I got to try a fun and refreshing experience new to the Des Moines Metro.  Hook and Bo Yoga is now offering stand up paddleboard yoga classes regularly at Gray’s Lake and Lifetime Athletic on the weekends as well as for special events.

We had reserved spots at a 1:00 class at Gray’s Lake and showed up a couple minutes early.  We were warmly greeted by Hook and Bo’s owner, Rebecca Hooker.  The five boards made by Boga Boards were set up and ready for us.  These boards have a yoga mat style surface attached to a large portion of the center of the board as well as a handle making it easy to carry the boards down to the water.  Each of us were provided a bag with a water, PDF, sunglasses, and an anchor.

After a brief orientation to paddle boarding, we set out for a 10 minute warm up paddle around the lake before heading back to an area a bit east of the peninsula.  Rebecca directed us in dropping our anchors and the “class” portion of the experience began.  Everyone in our group had some yoga experience so Rebecca guided us through a series of poses that were moderately challenging due to the wind but overall a great intensity and difficulty for beginning or intermediate yoga students.  At the end of the flowing poses we were given a couple more-challenging moves to try.  The class portion concluded with a couple minutes spent in Savasana, lying flat on our backs in quiet reflection and meditation, which was one of the more magical parts of the class.

I highly recommend yoga enthusiasts and those new to yoga experience a stand up paddle board yoga class by Hook and Bo Yoga!  Follow Hook and Bo Yoga on Facebook or sign up for a class at

A Few Highlights from Oregon

Silver Falls State Park

Smith Rock State Park

Monkey Face, a famous rock climbing destination

SUP on the Deschutes River

Sparks Lake

Crater Lake

Heck yeah, I cliff jumped into Crater Lake!