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Suffer Less Cycling Class

Thursday, May 26 at 6:30 PM - Free!

Does back pain, neck pain, hand numbness, or hip pain take the fun out of your rides?  Is soreness for days an unpleasant reminder of the fun you had riding casually or aggressively with your friends?  Does shoulder pain and a headache linger long after the Cumming Tap Tacopocalypse Tuesday, even though the Moscow Mules have worn off and you never took a tumble?

Don't let pain keep you from what you love!

Join us for a free class on the top stretches and strategies to reduce or rid yourself of pain during and post ride!

In this action packed class, Dr. David Krohse will clearly explain how the structures in your spine, nerves, shoulders, and hips can be aggravated during extended riding.  Then he'll demonstrate the top "cycling micro breaks" you should be doing periodically when you spend extended periods of time in the saddle.  Finally, Dr. Krohse will demonstrate and have you try the most effective stretches you should be doing regularly at home to cycle pain-free throughout your life!

RSVP to or 515-309-1217! 

Pain-Free & Efficient Running Workshop

Tuesday, May 24 at 6 PM - Free!

"Essential for new runners and those who are sick of being among the 65-80 percent of runners who get injured in a given year!"

At 6 pm on Tuesday, May 24 Compass Chiropractic will host a Pain-Free & Efficient Running Workshop.  We'll start by shooting some video of your current running form for comparison later.  Then the concepts and techniques of low impact running styles will be introduced.  A workshop will follow where participants will practice simple drills to integrate these concepts into their running. The session will end with video and slow motion review of participants running form pre and post concepts and drills.  Participants should arrive in clothes and shoes suitable to run in.  Please RSVP to 515-309-1217 or

Check out the testimonials from past participants below!

Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you so much for last night's workshop. I incorporated the simple techniques into my run tonight and I ran faster than I ever have, had more energy at the end - never ended up feeling winded or tired and actually felt like I could have gone another couple of miles - and my knees didn't hurt and aren't hurting now at all! Thank you so much. I'm thrilled and looking forward to my long run this Saturday to see what a difference it makes there.


Dr. Krohse was referred to me by a colleague and quickly became a trusted care provider for both chiropractic adjustments as well as ART treatments.  As an amateur athlete/triathlete, I was battling issues with neck pain/headaches and knee pain.  Adjustments as well as ART helped get me into a maintenance mode with my overall wellness, but I continued to have some nagging issues with my right knee.
We were able to schedule time to go through the techniques and philosophy of Pain-Free Running.  At first I was in denial about my heel striking but after reviewing the video and discussing some of the drills, it was obvious I had room for improvement.  Initially the changes felt awkward after decades of my old running style and my running times per mile were definitely slower and not impressive.  What I did note fairly quickly was the reduction of pain in my knee which has since gone away.  It's been over two years since I've changed my technique and I have been able to cut close to a minute per mile off my average pace in Half Ironman races (sub-7:45's now) as well as feel my running is more effortless. 

Why are these classes offered for free?

The best health care providers do everything they can to prevent the conditions they treat.  That's why we always empower our patients with the best stretches to improve their problems and maintain their improvement.  

We hope the powerful strategies that you learn are successful at helping you enjoy your activities without pain!  However, if you don't fully improve, or if you are interested in feeling better as quickly as possible, we believe we are your best option!  We help so many athletes with a variety of spine, arm and leg conditions!

We find the quickest results with stubborn, ongoing conditions are achieved through a combination of care.  After a thorough exam, Dr. Krohse provides the most effective natural treatments for headaches.  For spine joint dysfunction, he provides hands-on or gentle, instrumented-assisted chiropractic adjustments.  We always prioritize keeping care within each patient's comfort level!  For tight muscles, Dr. Krohse has become the most certified Des Moines area providers of Active Release Techniques.  Finally, if any other stretches or exercises are required to fix your pain we would teach you those.

We know you'll love have an amazing experience and feel confident to choose us for your current or future healthcare needs! :)

Need further proof that champions optimize their health with chiropractic?  Watch this ultra-inspiring commercial, "Enjoy the Chase," from Rory McIlroy & Nike!

Sandy Recommends Tandem Bicycles
In October of this year, my husband and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.  We both love to bike, but the last couple of years -- we found that we bike at different speeds and levels of endurance.  Yup......I'm the slower one.  It's not nearly as much fun when we're far apart on the rides or my legs are tired and ready for a break.  Thus we took the plunge and decided to give tandem bicycling a try.  I'm totally hooked.  I have found that the enjoyment of riding together has gone up exponentially. 

We are able to stay in constant communication, we can hear each other talking -- and because we're enjoying the same view at the same time -- our critter viewing (which we love to do and discuss on our rides), is much easier to share.  An added benefit is the fact that riding a tandem requires both riders -- a/k/a the "captain" and the "stoker" -- to communicate and listen which has sharpened our skills at this.  If hubby's going to brake or stop abruptly -- I need to know it.                                
We're riding a Trek T900 model which is fairly lightweight and provides a comfortable, smooth ride.   And kudos to Dr. Krohse (not only a great chiropractor -- but a bicycle guru as well) -- who located this gently used model for us.!
Amy Recommends Mulchmart

Spring has arrived and it's the perfect time to start on landscaping projects! I'm recommending Mulchmart for your outdoor landscaping needs.  Located at 125 N. 10th Street in Waukee (just off of Hickman) Mulchmart carries a large variety of bagged and bulk landscape material from soil to boulders.
They also rent equipment if you're in need of an aerator, skid loader, or bed edger, among other rental equipment. They will deliver your materials if needed, or if you have a truck they will load it and you'll save yourself the delivery fee. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Mulchmart also carries the tools and extras you may need like landscaping fabric, retaining wall and paver adhesive, wheel barrows, shovels, drainage systems, and landscape lighting! It's a one stop shop for projects large or small. My husband and I have been spending our Saturday's working on our landscaping with our purchase of river rock, pavers, and landscaping fabric from Mulchmart.
Anne Recommends Downton Abbey

Did you know that, in 2011, Downton Abbey earned a title in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “most critically-acclaimed television show” of the year, even over other hit shows like Modern Family and Mad Men?!  The miniseries has acquired abundant recognition, including Golden Globe and Emmy awards.  Since I recently completed watching all six seasons from Netflix DVD mailers, I’ve personally witnessed why Downton Abbey is so popular.  For those of you who haven’t yet been entertained and enriched by this prodigious British-American program, it is also available to stream from Amazon and Apple iTunes, and most local video shops rent it out. 

Originally aired from September 2010 through December 2015,  Downton Abbey is fast-paced and powerful, making it fascinating even to those who wouldn’t normally be enticed by a “period piece”.  For instance, I’ve caught my boyfriend snoozing through some of my favorite films based on Forster, Bronte, and Austen novels, but he was enthralled with the gutsy drama of Downton Abbey.  All scenes take place between the years 1912 and 1925, in and around a fictitious country estate in England, and draw upon the relationships and character developments of a prominent family, with equal coverage of their servants’ lives.  What fascinates me most about this series is how cleverly the socio-political and economic changes of the era were shown to impact and transform the individual personalities and their relationships with one another and society.  The show is interesting on a psychological, historical, and cultural level, but it’s also impressive particularly due to the skilled acting and artful writing.

Rainy evenings in May with the windows open to blossom-scented air are a perfect time to snuggle up to a captivating show, and I highly recommend Downton Abbey for your indoor indulgences!
Dr. Krohse Recommends Great Lakes Gelatin

For a couple years Val has been singing the praises of gelatin for her health.  Unfortunately, it took me a while to listen and take her advice to give it a try.  I'm glad I finally listened because it has recently become one of my diet staples.

In general, I am always looking for foods with a few characteristics: lower carbohydrate, highly satiating (sticks to your ribs), minimal ingredients, gluten-free/low-gluten, tasty, and generally healthy.  Gelatin meets all of my criteria!  

A look at the nutritional label of Val's gelatin was what finally convinced me to start consuming it.  It is pure protein.  A tablespoon of the gelatin powder has 11 grams of protein and no carbs or fat.  Because of this, adding gelatin to a meal can significantly increase how full you feel with minimal additional calories.  

This gelatin has no flavor, so you can add it to any meal and it will take on the flavor of what you've made.  All you'll notice is a more gelatinous consistency of the sauce, smoothie, or meal you've created.

From the health perspective, gelatin is actually a variation on a current trendy "superfood".  Go to Panera Bread and you can pay almost $9 for a single bowl of soup branded as a "broth bowl".  The majority of benefits of broth such as improved bone healing, improved skin health, improved hair growth, and healthier gut and digestion are due to the gelatin content of broth.  A brief read of gelatin reviews on Amazon will let you see that many experience quick improvements in their health with regular consumption of gelatin.

I have two main ways I've been consuming gelatin.  First, I add a tablespoon or two to the breakfast smoothies I make.  My main recipe is a cup of frozen berries, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, water, and the gelatin.  The consistency of the smoothie changes just slightly but I feel full for longer.  A second great option I've been enjoying is to blend a cup of V8 or generic vegetable juice with a couple tablespoons of gelatin and a splash of water.  I can slam this mix and feel healthy and full for a couple hours.  It's been a great late morning or mid afternoon snack for me at work, though Anne thinks she is funny when she teases that I'm drinking one of my "Bloody Mary's" :)

Val has been more likely to add the gelatin to the stir fried or steamed vegetables that she enjoys so much to make a more nutritionally complete and satisfying dinner.

I've been purchasing my canisters of Great Lakes Gelatin at Campbell's Nutrition.  Give it a try today to improve your health and make your meals more satisfying and fulfilling.

A new Specialized bike from Kyle's Bikes had Dr. Krohse jumping for joy

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