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Compass Chiropractic August, 2016 E-Newsletter

With mixed emotions…

We are sad to see her go but excited for her new adventure.  Anne will be leaving Des Moines at the beginning of September to move to Greensboro, North Carolina.

Anne joined our team almost two years ago and has been a positive presence who has brightened the days of so many of our patients.  Further, in her role as a rehab assistant she confidently educated so many patients on why and how to successfully implement a regular stretching and exercise program to realize the quick results and long term solutions we always try to provide for our patients.

We wish Anne the best as she moves east!  Anne, you’ll be missed by our team and our patients!

Our recent outing for Anne’s birthday – Ritual Cafe brunch & stand-up paddle board/paddle boating at Gray’s Lake


Health Class – The Top Five Stretches & Exercises to Get Rid of Neck Pain & Headaches

Free through September 30!

Schedule individually or with a friend or family member at your convenience!

In under 30 minutes you’ll learn: 
– The most effective stretches for three neck muscles that cause neck pain and headaches when they become tight and tender
– The top stretch to counteract the neck pain and headache-causing poor posture that so many of us develop with too much sitting, driving, and desk work
– The most effective exercise to loosen the 16 neck joints, which cause neck pain and headaches when they become stiff, aggravated, and inflamed over time.
What exactly will happen at my visit?
– Print & fill out this form to speed up your visit & check-in
– Two-minute tour – we’ll take you on a very brief tour of our happy office.
– Myovision quick scan – we’ll take a minute to check the real-time muscle tension in your neck with our Myovision Surface EMG.  You’ll get a printout of your results to take with you.

– Exercise instruction – 15-25 minutes of one-on-one learning with one of our knowledgeable, friendly team members

How to schedule

Give us a call at 515-309-1217 and we’ll find a time to teach you these powerful strategies.  If you have been a patient at our office in the past let us know and we can set aside some time next to a tune-up visit with Dr. Krohse.

Why do we offer this for free?
The best health care providers do everything they can to prevent the conditions they treat. That’s why we always empower our patients with the best stretches to improve their problems and maintain their improvement.
We hope the powerful strategies that you learn are successful at getting rid of your neck pain and headaches.  However, if they don’t resolve entirely, or if you are interested in feeling better as quickly as possible, we believe we are your best option!  Neck pain and headaches are two of the top three conditions we treat here!
We find the quickest results with stubborn, ongoing conditions are achieved through a combination of care. After a thorough exam, Dr. Krohse provides the most effective natural treatments.  For spine joint dysfunction, he provides hands-on or gentle, instrumented-assisted chiropractic adjustments.  We always prioritize keeping care within each patient’s comfort level!  For tight muscles in the neck region, Dr. Krohse has become the most certified Des Moines area providers of Active Release Techniques.  Finally, if any other stretches or exercises are required to fix your pain we would teach you those.
We know you’ll love have an amazing experience and feel confident to choose us for your current or future healthcare needs! 🙂

Sandy Recommends Summer Vegetable Bowl Recipe

One of my very favorite summer vegetable recipes was found many years ago in Good Housekeeping.  It’s called a “Summer Vegetable Bowl” and is full of wonderful, fresh summer veggies.  The recipe makes 8 servings and I usually make it when I’m entertaining – and serve it all up on a large platter.  It’s very colorful and makes a stunning and beautiful centerpiece of yummy vegetables and is a great accompaniment to a backyard BBQ.  It’s also one of those recipes that can easily be changed or altered to accommodate whatever veggies you have on hand or feel free to add or omit things you don’t like.

4 slices bacon
12 small white onions, sliced
1 green pepper, diced
2 cups hot water

1 pound fresh green beans

6 ears of fresh corn-on-the cob, broken into thirds
1 T salt
2 t sugar
¼ t white pepper
6 small zucchini, cut into 1” chinks
2 large celery stalks, cut into 1” slices
1 large tomato, cut into wedges

Cooking Instructions:

  1. In 6-quart Dutch oven over medium heat, fry bacon until crisp, drain on paper towels.
  2. To bacon drippings in Dutch oven, add onions and green pepper; cook until golden; add hot water and next 5 ingredients (beans, corn, salt, sugar, pepper).Heat to boiling; reduce heat to low and cover and simmer for 10 minutes.
  3. Add zucchini and celery; cover and cook 8-10 minutes until all vegetables are tender.
  4. With slotted spoon, arrange vegetables on a large platter or in a large shallow bowl.Crumble bacon and sprinkle over top.Arrange fresh tomato wedges on platter.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

Amy Recommends Seeing “The Changing of the Guard”- or Taking Time to Watch a YouTube Video of It  🙂

I recently visited our Nation’s great Capitol, Washington, D.C.  I had never been before so I was super excited to visit as many of the memorials and monuments that I could! My friend and I didn’t just want to meander around and look at them, but actually learn about the meaning behind every little detail of them. We called the number provided for an audio tour if it was available or used our iPhones to Google the monument and read all about it as we were exploring. I truly enjoyed ALL of the monuments and sites that we visited, but one in particular stuck with me.  The Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Arlington Cemetery. We made sure that we arrived at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in time for the Changing Ceremony. It was a hot day in July, and we were dressed in tank tops and shorts sweating- and there stood the soldier protecting the Tomb in full military uniform! We had a front row view of the ceremony and it was so amazing. Just the discipline behind it, the synchronized movement of the soldiers, and the intensely detailed inspection of the soldier from his weapon to his uniform was mind boggling!  Here are a few facts you may not know about the Tomb Guards:

The Tomb has been guarded 24/7 since 1937! Tomb Guards come from the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment “The Old Guard”. Serving the U.S. since 1784, the Old Guard is the oldest active infantry unit in the military. They keep watch over the memorial every minute of every day, including when the cemetery is closed and in inclement weather. Becoming a Tomb Guard is incredibly difficult. Members of the Old Guard must apply for the position. The Old Guard recruits soldiers based on certain intangible traits, and with requirements for height and weight, physical fitness, aptitude scores, and conduct. These soldiers are considered to be the most suitable to represent the U.S. at home and abroad, and the Tomb Guards are considered the best of this elite unit.  If chosen, the applicant goes through an intense training period, in which they must pass tests on weapons, ceremonial steps, cadence, military bearing, uniform preparation, and orders. Although military members are known for their neat uniforms, it’s said that the Tomb Guards have the highest standards of them all. A knowledge test quizzes applicants on their memorization—including punctuation—of 35 pages on the history of the Tomb. Once they’re selected, Guards “walk the mat” in front of the Tomb for anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the time of year and time of day. They work in 24-hour shifts and when they aren’t walking the mat, they’re in the living quarters beneath it. The Tomb Quarters is located below the Memorial Amphitheater, and is where the Tomb Guards live and work during their duty time. This gives the sentinels time to complete training and prepare their uniforms, which can take up to eight hours. THE HONOR IS ALSO INCREDIBLY RARE. The Tomb Guard badge is the least awarded badge in the Army, and the second least awarded badge in the overall military. (The first is the astronaut badge.) Tomb Guards are held to the highest standards of behavior, and can have their badge taken away for any action on or off duty that could bring disrespect to the Tomb. And that’s for the entire lifetime of the Tomb Guard, even well after his or her guarding duty is over. (Tours are only about 18 months long.) For the record, it seems that Tomb Guards are rarely female—only three women have held the post! The steps the guard perform has specific meaning. Everything the guards do is a series of 21, which alludes to the 21-gun salute. According to this site: the Sentinel does not execute an about face, rather they stop on the 21st step, then turn and face the Tomb for 21 seconds. They then turn to face back down the mat, change the weapon to the outside shoulder, mentally count off 21 seconds, then step off for another 21 step walk down the mat. They face the Tomb at each end of the 21 step walk for 21 seconds. The Sentinel then repeats this over and over until the Guard Change ceremony begins. They are also only permitted to walk in the same path as the other soldiers- as you can see the worn pavement from years of Changing of the Guard. If you have 10 free minutes I suggest you watch this YouTube video of the ceremony.

I have to say that if I were asked the question today “If you could have dinner with one person on earth who would it be?” my answer would be “A Tomb Guard”.  I would love to honor them and thank them for their service. I would have a million questions about their duty as a Tomb Guard. The ceremony was exquisite, and the men and women who are given the honor of protecting the Tomb have got to be the most upstanding people in the world!

Anne Recommends Compass Chiropractic for Everyone!

Sadly, this will be my last appearance in the Compass Chiropractic newsletter… I’m moving out of the state at the end of this month!  Therefore, I want to take this chance to leave everyone with an indispensable recommendation.   Tons of people (you) are familiar with how effective Dr. Krohse’s treatments are, so this is what I encourage everybody to do: one, follow through with his advice and tune-up treatments, and, two, point everyone else in his direction.  How can you beat having healthy spouses, friends, children, and co-workers?  It’s easier to be pleasant people to each other when we aren’t in pain, so it’s a win for everyone!

Dr. Krohse does so much more than tackle acute pain.  Each week, I see oodles of individuals with some sort of chronic discontent or obnoxious limitations to their daily routines… an athlete who hits a frustrating physical barrier in her training, for instance, or a tattoo artist whose arm goes numb while he’s working, plus all those who complain about the “turtle neck” they have developed throughout the years.  Then there are also ample children (and adults) who see Dr. Krohse for the preventative advantage of adjustments and posture strategies, to preserve their fitness and flexibility and avoid crises.  Since I have the “insider’s view” of Compass Chiropractic, I feel my recommendation is especially valuable.  I get to observe and interact with just about every one of Dr. Krohse’s patients, and I witness the remarkable progress the vast majority experience.  It makes me feel blessed to be employed by a doctor who produces apparent and substantial results for so many people; and it’s inspiring to work alongside an attentive, skilled team who helps reinforce those results by encouraging patients to commit to both their rehab and appointments!

Of course, it is up to each of us to make sure that every upgrade Dr. Krohse contributes to our physical condition is maintained.  That is why tune-up adjustments are crucial.  It is also reason for the exercises, stretches, and posture strategies taught in our office.  Rehab therapy is certainly one feature that gives Dr. Krohse the edge with Chiropractic.  I’ve been a patient with other chiropractors before, and they may have fitness tools in their office, but without proper instruction and motivation, they’re somewhat useless.  I love that, at Compass Chiropractic, we discuss each exercise and stretch, check for accurate form, and make ourselves available to review the instructions.  I’ve been fortunate to watch and hear how patients have made amazing improvements from implementing the rehabilitation Dr. Krohse has arranged for them.

My parting contribution to everyone is my experience…. I’ve seen what works and what hasn’t for, literally, hundreds of people.  I’ve noticed that Dr. Krohse’s therapeutic approach is superior to other chiropractors- and even other methods.  His proficiency and certifications, especially with Active Release Technique, set him apart as a more expert and thorough doctor.  He also chooses a dynamic lifestyle- an example you can respect.  In other words, he isn’t asking anyone to do anything he hasn’t!  Therefore, I think it’s crucial that everyone follows through with Dr. Krohse’s counsel.  It can be the difference between waking up next month miserable with stiff, throbbing parts or a headache, and waking up next month still able to take being pain-free for granted.  (Believe me, I know how it goes!)

Also, tell everyone else about the accomplishments you gain from Dr. Krohse’s exceptional competence- don’t keep him a secret!  After all, there’s nothing more essential than the health and well-being of those we love, right?

Dr. Krohse recommends a trip to Oregon

At the end of July, Val and I enjoyed a trip to beautiful Oregon!  We got lucky with perfect weather and enjoyed a week of hiking and exploring in the northwest region of the state:

Our trip started and ended in Portland, where we enjoyed a hike up to beautiful Council Crest for views of Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams.  We checked out the world famous Powell’s Books and enjoyed a walk along the Willamette River.  By the evening…

We made it to Cannon Beach to enjoy this gorgeous view of the sea stacks made famous in Goonies

Our home while we were near Cannon Beach was an AirBnB on a free-range farm in the beautiful Nehalem River Valley.  Our hosts took us on a tour of their farm and river access.

We started the next day with a hike up Mount Neahkahnie for gorgeous views of the coast

It was peaceful and refreshing at the top!

Then we headed to Cannon Beach for more beach time and a fresh seafood dinner

We headed down the coast for a tour of the Tillamook Cheese Factory and this gorgeous hike out Cape Lookout

Next on the agenda was Opal Creek, where a series of crystal clear 43 degree pools, waterfalls, and natural water slides are perfect for exploring. We joined in the water fun.  The freezing water made a lunch in the sun next to a roaring waterfall so fantastic!

A cairn just upstream from the main natural waterslide

Our next stop was the town of Hood River on the Mighty Columbia River.  This may be my favorite town in the country because of the hundreds of outdoor adventures within an hour, the fantastic vibe of the city, and the amazing views from almost anywhere in town.  Here you can watch hundreds of kite surfers enjoy the world’s best conditions for their sport in the most scenic setting.

We drove west down the gorge for a hike up Eagle Creek to view Punch Bowl Falls, one of the most photographed spots in Oregon.

The entire canyon was magnificent with towering cliffs, high bridges, and waterfalls around every corner

We headed back south out of Hood River for a day of hiking at Mount Hood.  The view on the way out of town was phenomenal

We chose the Elk Meadows Hike, which included this opportunity to jump glacial runoff.  We were both successful at avoiding an ice-cold swim!

The risk was worth it as we enjoyed the beauty of Elk Meadows before hiking further up the trail

Wildflowers were in bloom as we ascended Gnarl Ridge

The payoff was a late lunch at 7000 feet with up-close views of Mount Hood

On the way to Portland, we were lucky to hit some of the most scenic overlooks in the Columbia River Gorge during a perfect sunset

Views like this were the perfect way to end our outdoor adventures in Oregon.  However, when we made it back to Portland we had one place we just had to try!

We made a late night trip to Voodoo Doughnuts, where we picked up a Voodoo Doughnut (featuring raspberry “blood” filling), Maple Bacon Bar, and Mango Tango to enjoy in the morning – All phenomenal!


It’s hard to believe that we only hit a small portion of the state.  We need to head back to see Crater Lake, the Rogue River region, and Bend/Mount Bachelor.  We can’t wait to make it back to Oregon!  Start planning your trip there soon!