How to Counteract the Repeated Stresses of Daily Life and Fitness

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Painful problems aren't usually caused by just one incident.

Far more commonly, they are at least partly caused by years of smaller, repeated stresses that added up in the body.

With this page, I'm excited to share with you some of my favorite strategies to counteract these stresses that add up because of our work, daily habits, and athletic and fitness activities.

The Magic Microbreak - Do This Periodically if your work or Hobbies require Extended Sitting


The Magic Microbreak - Specific Instructions


Six Quick Tips to Improve Your Posture


My Top Two Stretches for Low Back Pain


Three Top Strategies to Reduce the Stresses that Cause Headaches


How to Run with a Large Chest (And How I recommend most People RuN)

OK, I know this seems like it would be a joke but after teaching "Pain-free and Efficient Running Workshops" for a few years I had a female patient come in who shared her chest was the largest obstacle to enjoyable running.
I realized that the same strategies I'd been recommending that help most runners be less likely to be injured would also help these ladies run more comfortably.
Ultimately, I recommend that all beginning runners and especially those with larger chests make their running smooth and "not-bouncy" as taught in the video below 🙂

How to Run if You've had Sharp Hip Pain or Been Diagnosed with a Hip Labral Tear


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