Man writes the best touching tribute to his dog, George, when he crosses the rainbow bridge.

Best Touching Dog Tribute Poem Rainbow Bridge

"A bad one"


That was the most frequent answer when people asked, "What kind of dog do you have?"Dog Tribute


You ignored some dogs, while others you lunged at aggressively.  The ratio of your judgement sucked. Maybe 50/50, but you loved me.


If you sensed I was going to give you a bath you'd head to the far side of the yard, and pretend to be a deaf ornithologist as I called you over.  As you played stupid, you were smart and I loved you.


Touching Dog TributeRandomly, you'd decide some men were sketchy, and bark at them aggressively.  I never figured out the exact trigger... Dark hair? Over 6 feet tall? Ate Mexican for lunch?  Certain people you just didn't like, but you loved me.


When I adopted you I was all alone in the Great Northwest.  You were the best hiking buddy in the world, except when you ditched me half way up a mountain to go marmot chasing, you little punk. I loved you and loved our adventures.  We saw the most beautiful views imaginable together.


You bit a veterinarian soon after I got you.  She was trying to get a stool sample rectally without putting a muzzle on you.  I can't really blame you for that.


You were selfish. You'd come over for me to pet you, but the second I stopped the cuddling was over.  You'd head off to a corner of the room where you could lay there and stare at me for hours like some creepy pedophile.  You were my creepy dog and I loved you.

 Touching Dog Tribute

For years you had your own love seat you lucky little bastard.  Not just a plush dog bed... An entire love seat.  The only rule was that you weren't allowed on my couch.  You acted like we had an understanding.  When you got older and went deaf I learned how grateful you were as I came in and found you chilling in my spot on the couch multiple times.  Sneaky and sly but I loved you anyway.


Touching Dog TributeYou hated one of my best friends, Danny, more than anyone.  He'd wake in the middle of the night after an evening of partying with you inches from his face, growling like you were ready to go for the jugular at any moment.  Well, they do say dogs are good judges of character, and with him you might have been right.


Your profile said you could run.  Run toward your food bowl maybe!  We tried running and you laid down after two miles.  That was it.  You were one heck of a walker though.  Walks with you were the highlights of my days for 10 years.


I love biking.  I thought you should love it too and bought you a Burley.  I attached your collar to the short lead on it and started riding.  We didn't make it far before I heard a terrible "whump whump whump" and looked back to see you dragging on the ground with the Burley flopping around on top of you. You had jumped ship.  I tried a couple rides with you strapped down straight-jacket style but you never shared my love of biking and I gave up.


 Rainbow Bridge Tribute

Irony found you I guess because you got a bad back.  A chiropractor's dog with a bad back.  You were actually a miracle patient at times though.  I'll never forget the time you were gimped up at the bottom of the stairs, pitifully unable to climb.  I carefully worked on you and you stood up, wiggled a little, gave me a kiss, and went trotting up the stairs.  Good as new.  It was awesome to help you, my best friend.

 Rainbow Bridge Tribute

You were a Pacific Northwest dog, but I packed you in my Mazda 626 towing a Uhaul trailer and we drove halfway across the country to Iowa to follow the American Dream of starting a business.  For a few years I didn't own that business, it owned me.  Through those long hours and stress you were always there for me and I can't thank you enough for getting me through the biggest challenge of my life.


At first you didn't like Val.  We'd come home after you'd spent a long day solo, and you'd get annoyed when we focused on each other and not you.  You'd bark at us and get put outside.  She didn't think you were cute.  When she moved in she started taking you for walks every day.  She saw how Rainbow Bridge Tributepeople smiled and chuckled when they saw you, and it made her proud.  We got a Gentle Leader collar, and it curbed some of your wicked ways of aggression.  Your love and companionship helped her make it through nursing school, and she loved you for that.


You could be a pain in my butt. Maybe that's why you got cancer in yours.  For a while you could still get around pretty well with that tumor growing.  Then you started to look old.  We got you a puppy, Sage, and she gave you more bounce in your step for a while.  You wereRainbow Bridge Tribute sweeter to her than I expected.


I wanted you to be able to go naturally.  You hated the vet's office more than anywhere.  I waited longer than I probably should have.  I'm sorry, George, but I had to take you to that terrible place.  It was the hardest thing I've ever done.


As I watched you take your last breath through tears and sobs, I thought how men much bigger than me must certainly have wept much louder than me.  There is powerful love between a man and his dog, even "a bad one."

 Rainbow Bridge Tribute


Thank you, George, for being my best friend since 2006.  I hope to see you on the flip side!

 Rainbow Bridge Tribute

George Krohse

Adopted May 13, 2006

Passed away January 22, 2016

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